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Hello everybody

Fungi Lovers Community Friends. How are you all right now? I hope today you all have a good day and also fun.

It's nice to be able to greet you again, mushroom lovers and people who are always curious about the diversity of mushrooms found in all corners of the earth. I think it must be more, how not. Because mushrooms are unique, beautiful, and always interesting to learn about.

There are so many types of mushrooms, which I didn't know about myself, and maybe so do you all. Learning and knowing about the types, shapes and colors of mushrooms is really an interesting thing. I'm sure, in your area, or in your country, there are many different types of mushrooms and surely we don't know all the types of mushrooms.

Because of that, I myself always like to read and see posts about mushrooms, Especially the kind of mushrooms I've never seen.

But of course, to get the most unique and unusual mushrooms, it's not an easy thing, we have to go into the dense forest, really has to be in the forest, because otherwise, we will only get other types of mushrooms. which is common and we have often seen.

But it doesn't matter, even though we are used to seeing it, but maybe there are also those who have never seen it. Like the type of mushroom I show you. Although I myself often find this mushroom, but it doesn't matter if you still take a picture and show it to all of you here. Yes of course, I will keep looking and keep looking for other mushrooms that are different and unique.

I myself really like seeing this mushroom, in our place, this mushroom is called a trumpet mushroom, that's because it is similar to a trumpet. There are two sub-types of this trumpet mushroom, the first which as I show here, has small feathers on the umbrella of this mushroom, and the second has no feathers at all.

In the scientific name of this mushroom is called Panus neostrigosus. In addition to the small feathers that make this mushroom look beautiful, another interesting thing is the small cleavage-like lines that start from under the umbrella to the base of the mushroom stem.

Maybe that's all I can review about this hairy trumpet mushroom, which is for sure this mushroom is unique and interesting.

My thanks to all of you who have been willing to stop at my post. I hope you all enjoy my show this time. And if you like it, it's a pleasure for me.

See you again...

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