Fungi Lovers | Beautiful White Mushrooms to Watch

Hello friends, all fung lovers, I hope that all of you are in good condition and also excited for your morning activities, and continue to take care of your health wherever you are.

On the occasion of this morning I want to write my first in the community of fungi lovers, and I want to show you some beautiful white mushroom photos that I took in the yard behind rotting wood that was wet from the rain this month.

Since last New Year's at our residence almost every 2 days it will always rain and even cause flooding to hit the location where we live, so that every fallen wood will surely grow mushrooms with various types and colors but today it grows only white.

And I have tried to take pictures of the mushrooms from several angles to make them look more attractive and beautiful for us to see, in the following pictures I will show my friends all about the mushrooms that I took.

All photos I take using a camera:

CameraSmart Phone
LocationAceh - Indonesia
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