Although Not Edible But They Have Their Own Uniqueness

Wild mushrooms are also one of the types of plants that grow in the forest wildly and maybe very many underestimate wild mushrooms because they can't be eaten but here I will explain the life of this mushroom and how we can see it very interestingly that will make us happy. all do not want to escape from this nature. Previously I will tell you a little about how I found this mushroom in the forest, so that day I felt tired after working in the fields and I went home at noon to have lunch and rest, after taking a shower I put on my clothes and immediately ate because I was very hungry. lunch I sat for a while to chat with my family, after that at 14:00 I wanted to lie down for a while but here I fell asleep until 16:00, I don't want to continue going to the fields today and I intend to go to the forest instead and who knows there I can find some objects as my macro photography here and show you all about what I found in the forest.

So let's see what I found that day with the forest behind my house, so here I found a wild mushroom that had grown on a mango Twig that was brittle and rotting, I had a big mango tree in the garden and it was gone. 2 years not maintained, the mango branches have been brittle and fall to the ground, with the weather being a little bit humid which makes the twigs can grow some types of wild mushrooms that look interesting. I don't know about this type of mushroom but they grow very cute, they even look like coral reefs on the seabed. Although they are not edible, they also have beauty and uniqueness in their growth.

Wild mushrooms should not be considered unattractive because they can't be eaten, but some of the more interesting types of mushrooms are wild and poisonous mushroom fetuses, here I come just want us all to be able to see some of the beauty of wild mushrooms even though they are not edible, mostly of them come in a wide variety of colors and shapes that catch the attention of photographers. From several photographers, some of them really like mushrooms and even they are willing to go to the forest to look for some types of mushrooms that have grown there, there are also some who take care of them with a field that has been made.

We can see below the types of mushrooms that I have found here, mushrooms that have a cream or dark white color and they also don't have an umbrella like most mushrooms, they just have a shape like a coral reef and their bodies look like powder to the touch. They will crumble like dust and disappear. I've seen several types of mushrooms like this but this mushroom I didn't touch because I just wanted to take some of them to take with my cellphone camera and also with the addition of the 37mm macro lens that I have, now let's see some pictures that I have get it here with wild mushrooms and I hope you all like it, that's all I can say and enjoy, Warm Greetings From Me To All Friends Far There And Thank You.















Photo TakenRedmi 9C+Macro
Macro Lens TypeApexel 37mm
LocationNorth Aceh - Indonesia
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