Fungi lovers-Sunday mushrooms bring a unique variety

Hello friends, lovers of #Fungilovers, wherever you are, I hope you are always in good health

On my occasion this Sunday, I was no longer active, then I thought about looking for a unique mushroom, for me to display it in this community, then I went to look for mushrooms, suddenly not far from my house, which is behind the house. , I saw this fungus, namely coral mushroom (Ramaria stricta), it grows mushrooms where I throw garbage etc., it has been a long time since I burned the trash can, and a lot of coconut shells etc. soil, and coral fungus (Ramaria stricta) grows.

cute in the photo the branch looks so sturdy, so now I always look at the photo before I show it, this coral mushroom is branching like hair,

back to the story, I found a lot of these mushrooms grow in groups

Coral is all about tips, it's like thorns no crown grows

about the fungus (Ramaria stricta) commonly known as tight branch coral is a coral fungus from (genus Ramaria) and grows on dead wood, and also grows where I found this, namely coconut shells that have long been rotten,

This mushroom is inedible because of its unpleasant odor and bitter taste

that's all I can explain, I hope you all like my mushrooms, thanks to the #Fungilovers community.

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