🍄 Being in the kingdom of fly agarics


Amanita 🍄 ... Probably everyone knows this poisonous mushroom ... It also has useful properties, but it became popular because it is poisonous and has a red color. This fall we found a whole kingdom of these mushrooms. I came up with the idea that there were a king and servants among them.



In the old Amanitas, depressions are formed and water enters there. Then when the flies drink this water they get drunk on drugs and drown in the water. Hence the name of this mushroom. Toadstools grow in families. I am sorry that I have never met such families of porcini mushrooms. And only two next to each other :)


Before writing a post about these beautiful mushrooms, I read a lot of interesting stories about them.
In Chukotka, shamans used to eat toadstools before performing religious rites! This led them to a particularly excited state of the influx of physical and mental forces, caused hallucinations.



The Vikings, according to the chronicle, also ate mushrooms before the battle and fearlessly rushed into battle.
Under the influence of drugs contained in the toadstool, they fell into a state of rage, did not feel the blows of weapons and wounds and went, sweeping everything in its path, terrorizing their opponents.


The peoples of Siberia also knew very well about the narcotic properties of red mushrooms. Apparently, their knowledge of this appeared as a result of food experiments :) Naturally, the toadstool affected the psyche and caused in some cases hallucinogenic reactions, thus providing contact with the spirit world, so the toadstool gained magical power.



In fact, red toadstool contains powerful analgesics.
It has also been studied that it is able to give extra strength to a person!
But we don't eat them, we just take photos and enjoy their beautiful appearance 😀


Bye bye everyone! 🍄🍄🍄

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