About a month ago ... on the 15. November 2020 ...

IMG_2917 malo.jpg

... I went walking around the coastal camping grounds not far from the port of my hometown ...

IMG_3078 malo.jpg

... not expecting much ...

IMG_2875 malo.jpg

... and receiving a lot ... from the surrounding nature.


It was a mostly bright ...

IMG_3120 malo.jpg

... just slightly overcast day ...


... quiet ...


... colorful ...

IMG_3142 malo.jpg

... a day to remember.

IMG_2737 malo.jpg

This place looks very different in summer ...

IMG_2761 malo.jpg

... but that's not so much because of the seasonal changes that affect flora & fauna, because evergreen pines and lawns underneath them don't change that much in this pretty mild climate ...

IMG_2740 malo.jpg

... people on Holidays are the most impactful seasonal factor here.

IMG_2984 malo.jpg

This is the most visited summer place in my hometown ... the most attractive beaches are here ... plenty of sand and shallow water for children and shade under the pine trees when you get enough sun ...

IMG_3024 malo.jpg

... so, both tourists and locals, tend to concentrate here ... a bit like mushrooms on this photograph.

IMG_2734 malo.jpg

The grass disappears under the tends, towels, deck chairs and an incredible variety of colorful toys, clothes and gadgets ...

IMG_2742 malo.jpg

... but when the season is over ... all that stuff ...


... is replaced by flowers.


Mostly daisies and dandelion - like, Scorzoneroides autumnalis ...

IMG_2857 malo.jpg

... with the occasional Silene latifolia ...

IMG_2854 malo.jpg

... and a few other plants ... that I didn't photograph on that occasion ... because ...

IMG_2941 malo.jpg

... I was more concentrated on mushrooms.

IMG_2880 malo.jpg

I saw a nice variety ...

IMG_2894 malo.jpg

... and photographed quite a few species ...


... but ...

IMG_2935 malo.jpg

... these Suillus collinitus boletes ...


... were definitely the most numerous.

IMG_2949 malo.jpg

These mushrooms are edible ...

IMG_3012 malo.jpg

... although a bit too watery ...

IMG_3009 malo.jpg

... to be considered great.

IMG_2911 malo.jpg

They have a nice fruity aroma ...

IMG_2940 malo.jpg

... but that aroma isn't strong enough ... not for me, at least.

IMG_2976 malo.jpg

Still ... it's nice to have such an unexpectedly rich source of free food so close to home.


These minuscule fruit flies ...

IMG_2973 malo.jpg

... like them very much ... especially the shiny, slightly slimy surface of the cap.


I encountered this, slightly bigger fly, also here on one of the Suillus collinitus caps, among the more numerous Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies, you saw on the precedent three pictures. I don't know the name of this last species.

IMG_2953 malo.jpg

Small groups of these flat boletes ...


... were nicely mixed with yellow flowers ...


... in a multitude of similar, but lovely and always slightly different arrangements.

IMG_2817 malo.jpg

Some fruit flies ...

IMG_2813 malo.jpg

... were flying back and forth between mushrooms and the flowers ...

IMG_2762 malo.jpg

... while these, considerably larger ones ...

IMG_2774 malo.jpg

... were buzzing only around flowers.

IMG_2766 malo.jpg

This one was caught while standing in between two flowers. The fly was actually crawling from the daisy to the Scorzoneroides autumnalis flower.

IMG_2834 malo.jpg

I encounter these flies only in autumn, very often late in the autumn ... they were present in big numbers ...


... and I don't know the name of the species.

IMG_2870 malo.jpg

Down on the ground ... under the flowers ...

IMG_2878 malo.jpg

... I found this pair of minuscule mushrooms ... can't tell you what species is this ... I wasn't able to identify them.

IMG_2808 malo.jpg

Meanwhile ...


... the fruit fly continued regurgitating minuscule droplets, one after another.

IMG_3215 malo.jpg

About a hundred meters further ...

IMG_3094 malo.jpg

... while following this small moth ...


... I stumbled upon a group of large Amanita ovoidea mushrooms.

IMG_3143 malo.jpg

They have immediately caught my attention ...

IMG_3140 malo.jpg

... but ...


... I had to finish the job with the moth first ... so I took this shot with the long proboscis stretched and visible, like a third antenna ...

IMG_3092 malo.jpg

... and then ...

IMG_3129 malo.jpg

... I approached the mushrooms.


Some of them were partially covered with a lush growth of some mold fungus.

IMG_3173 malo.jpg

It looked a bit like some bizarre beard grown under the cap.

IMG_3177 malo.jpg

When I took a better, up close look through my macro lens ...


... I discovered an elegant structure that looked great on photograph.

IMG_3203 malo.jpg

A minuscule, orange colored insect landed on the mold and started feeding on it ... or, so it looked ... I'm not completely sure.


Later that evening, at home, I learned that this is some kind of Fungus gnat ... a small, elongated fly from the Mycetophilidae family, one of quite a few similar looking species that eat organic mulch, leaf mold, grass clippings, compost, root hairs, algae and fungi.


A much larger fly, the Suillia fuscicornis, was resting on one of those caps ... and while I was photographing it ...


... another Fungus gnat entered the frame. This Dark - wwinged fungus gnat from the Sciaridae family is considerably bigger than the orange one you see before on mold ... but still small when compared to the giant blurred in the background - the Suillia fuscicornis.

IMG_3152 malo.jpg

The mushroom on which they were photographed had an interesting distortion around the cap. It looked like the gills are getting detached from the rest ...


... and this looked pretty cool when seen from above.

IMG_3190 malo.jpg

These mushrooms had a nice suite of insects around them.

IMG_3170 malo.jpg

I found a minuscule rove beetle on one of them.


Dalotia coriaria is the name of the species. These beetles and their larvae are some kind of fungi protection, because they feed on the fungus gnats larvae.


I was lucky to catch the moment when the beetle spreads the wings folded under the short elytra.


I had a lot of fun around the Amanita ovoidea mushrooms.

IMG_3199 malo.jpg

This dark fruit fly, the Drosophila pseudoobscura, was also photographed there.

IMG_2750 malo.jpg

When I left the Amanitas ...

IMG_3133 malo.jpg

... I passed by some very large, dissolving mushroom ...

IMG_2838 malo.jpg

... and my focus shifted towards the flowers again.

IMG_2839 malo.jpg

There was a sea of these daisies, Bellis sylvestris is the name of the species, but only this particular flower had this strange green stuff sprouting from its center.

IMG_2850 malo.jpg

I don't know much about daisies ... so I can't tell you what this thing is ... but ...


... I can tell you that I never noticed it before.

IMG_2825 malo.jpg

On the edge of the neighboring flower, this small fly was cleaning her fore legs covered with pollen ... it looked a lot like the handwashing, performed by a person.

IMG_2859 malo.jpg

These small, brown ...

IMG_2864 malo.jpg

... pretty generic looking mushrooms ...

IMG_2863 malo.jpg

... were coming out of the ground not far from there. I don't know the name of this species.


If you enlarge this enlargeable photograph, you may notice a small green spot on the brown cap ...

IMG_2970 malo.jpg

... yes ... :D you guessed right ... I found a springtail on one of these mushrooms.


Sminthurus viridis is the name of this, mostly green colored species ... although the color can vary from green to yellow.

IMG_2790 malo.jpg

Meanwhile ... on the surrounding flowers ...

IMG_2777 malo.jpg

... the flies were actively buzzing ...


... and some minutes later ...

IMG_2786 malo.jpg

... I found a small snail on one of those daisies. This small species often feeds on pollen.

IMG_2866 malo.jpg

Then I returned to the mushrooms that you saw very recently, just a few pictures ago ...

IMG_2867 malo.jpg

... to take a few more shots, using only the natural light.

IMG_3038 malo.jpg

At this point I noticed some interesting mushrooms around the base of the pine tree.

IMG_3041 malo.jpg

With their mimetic color and shape, these clusters of mushrooms looked like an organic part of the tree.

IMG_3025 malo.jpg

Some of them were growing like this ...

IMG_3029 malo.jpg

... practically on the trunk of the tree ...

IMG_3035 malo.jpg

... but the majority of clusters ...

IMG_3036 malo.jpg

... were sprouting from the ground covered with needles ...

IMG_3013 malo.jpg

... scattered ...

IMG_3032 malo.jpg

... in a small radius around the trees.

IMG_3022 malo.jpg

These are the edible Lyophyllum littoralis mushrooms, a Mediterranean species that grows only near some species of pines.

IMG_3043 malo.jpg

The Suillus collinitus boletes also have a close relationship with pines ...

IMG_3049 malo.jpg

... especially the Aleppo pines in this park ...

IMG_3051 malo.jpg

... and this one has grown extremely close to the tree.


This one has some strange sockets on its cap ... I wonder how were they created ... maybe it has something to do with aliens, like crop circles ... or with some even crazier supernatural stuff.


I was constantly zooming back and forth between the mushrooms and the flowers.


Here you can see another lovely fly ... forming a droplet. I don't know the name of this species.

IMG_2778 malo.jpg

The shiny, metallic green Lucilia sericata also visits these flowers from time to time.

IMG_2756 malo.jpg

Lygus rugulipennis bugs were also active ...

IMG_2769 malo.jpg

... and I saw also some small wild bee ... of some species unknown to me.

IMG_2925 malo.jpg

About half an hour later ...

IMG_2921 malo.jpg

... I found these mushrooms ...

IMG_2930 malo.jpg

... the Infundibulicybe squamulosa.

IMG_2927 malo.jpg

They grow in groups ...

IMG_2933 malo.jpg

... and sometimes form rings.


This looks like just another Infundibulicybe squamulosa ... on another slightly unnecessary shot ...


... and in fact ... this is just another Infundibulicybe squamulosa ... but the look from above reveals a slightly different shape.

IMG_2919 malo.jpg

I passed by another group of Suillus collinitus ...


... and found more snails ...

IMG_3114 malo.jpg

... on decaying wood ...

IMG_3117 malo.jpg

... and living flowers.

IMG_2903 malo.jpg

These are the Russula ochroleuca mushrooms.

IMG_2908 malo.jpg

Here you can see another one of these mushrooms ...


... from a different angle.

IMG_3001 malo.jpg

A few steps further ...

IMG_3006 malo.jpg

... this Leucopaxillus gentianeus was growing.

IMG_2998 malo.jpg

Usually I see them in groups ...

IMG_3003 malo.jpg

... but this time ... I found only one.


If you enlarge this enlargeable photograph ... you may notice a little dark spot in the middle of the flower's yellow center.


I don't know much about daisies ... so I can't tell you what is this ... but it looked like something worth showing.


I saw many flowers that day ...

IMG_2804 malo.jpg

... but only one had this detail.

IMG_2983 malo.jpg

While walking around that area I saw more Lyophyllum littoralis mushrooms ... this cluster was well camouflaged, barely recognizable on the ground covered with needles - when seen from a certain distance and from above.


There was a small white patch nearby ... some kind of mold, I guess ... it looked like snowy terrain when seen through macro lens ...


A pair of Drosophila pseudoobscura flies was mating there.

IMG_2989 malo.jpg

Some clusters of Lyophyllum littoralis ...

IMG_2991 malo.jpg

... where growing by the surfacing root of the pine tree.

IMG_2995 malo.jpg

Mushrooms in this cluster had some mold on them.

IMG_2868 malo.jpg

This small solitary mushroom has grown on a rotting pine cone, half buried in the ground. I don't know the name of the species.

IMG_3104 malo.jpg

I saw this small nymph of some bug species currently unknown to me ...

IMG_3110 malo.jpg

... it looked pretty cool with this long antennae ... and then ... a bit further ...

IMG_3068 malo.jpg

... I found some edibles again.

IMG_3070 malo.jpg

The lovely Coprinus comatus mushrooms. This fruit bodies are fresh and very edible ... but these mushrooms don't last long ...


... this one is already dissolving ...

IMG_3128 malo.jpg

... there is not much left to eat here ... so, now ...

IMG_2888 malo.jpg

... with the last two shots ...


... of some species unknown to me ... is time to end this little walk among mushrooms and flowers ... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.

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