Never Been A Better Pot To Piss In

In the five years I've been here and nearly 46 years of living, I went from having nothing to say about urinals to featuring them on two cover images in less than five weeks. Ladies, something you're unaware of unless of course you think about weird shit is the view from a urinal isn't worth mentioning until now.

While positioned at a urinal with our face less than a foot away from a solid wall, the most viewing pleasure we'll get is a drink menu which are few and far in between and that's only at an upscale restaurant. A concert or special event might have a flyer taped to the wall promoting next weeks performers. Both are rare sightings. When we use a urinal, other than a quick glance at the bowl we're pissing in to verify we're aiming directly at that splash guard thing placed in the bottom of the basin that often reads Say No To Drugs which I've never understood by the way. Say No To Drugs on something designed to be pissed on always made me laugh which isn't recommended while getting ahold of yourself at a public toilet—laughing. I'm getting sidetracked.

My point is there's nothing to look at.


Not at Casa Brighouse.

The view less than a foot from my face wasn't just a glass window which is unlike anything I've stared at in 40 something years of using urinals but it's an elevated view of lakeside dining. Raise your hand if you've ever seen anything like it at a toilet.


We went for a bike ride yesterday along the river and ended up several towns over from our stay where we stumbled across Cromwell Lake at Casa Brighouse unexpectedly. It was there as were we, water and lunch sounded appealing so inside we went. Menus - order lunch - dude brought us water and two glasses - I went to wash my hands. I pushed open the door to the mens room and was like 'nice!'

I'm pissing in that!


Check it out. I can see Pura over there playing with her phone while I'm, well.. Playing with my phone. Even the sinks are fancy.




And unlike finding an appropriate community to post illegal substances found in the street, there's a community created for toilets—The LooLoo.

Lunch was surprisingly great TooToo. I don't typically have much to say about veggie patty's when they don't have fish on the menu and that's the only meat I'll eat because I'm a weirdo with spoiled rotten eating habits but it was delicious—not a typical veggie patty.

Fried mashed potato stuffed with broccoli, corn, onion and carrots between an aioli spread on toasted brioche with a side of fresh greens and fries. We shared a caprese salad also, and a Diet Coke.


Million dollar view, £20 meal and a content inspiring toilet. We only have a couple weeks left in England but should we get over there again, I'm definitely pissing at Casa Brighouse.


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