Birthday celebrations!

Happy happy birthday to my youngest who is turning 10, we had such a blast throwing her birthday party!


Although my mom heart hurts when I see Adri growing up so fast, she is turning into such a gorgeous, responsible young lady!


She is currently going through an animé phase, so we created the theme around Naruto (which I actually watched when I was still a kid), Danganronpa and My hero academy.


The afternoon started with a swim in the ice cold winter water, but how on earth are you supposed to keep the kids out? After that we gave each kid a cheesedog, just to fill the stomach before the overload of sugar that was about to start!


Her cake was a home baked rich chocolate cake, with a caramel filling a butter icing.



For entertainment, we bought each kid a white shirt and special markers and pastels, so that they could create their own animé themed shirt. With these special markers, you only need to cover the design with a sheet of paper and iron over it, then the image stays even after washing.

unnamed - 2021-05-15T164049.353.jpg

The party went on into the evening, with the kids eating ice cream and playing hide and seek. I just love to see kids still being kids and playing the games from our childhood!

unnamed - 2021-05-15T164031.836.jpg

I am so proud of my amazing daughter, she has overcome so much and she is such a bubble of joy in my life!

#### I love you with all my heart Adriana!

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