Our Weekend Family Roadtrip in Mahe


"Love your family. Spend time, be kind and serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised and today is short."___anonymous


Hubby and I always made it a point to bring our baby for a road trip on a weekend so that Sage would be able to see around Mahe area. Usually, we would go to Beau Vallon, the tourist destination on the island, and enjoyed looking at the beachside there. Most tourists would fly over here in Mahe to experience the one-of-a-kind beach moment. Seychelles is lucky for its amazing nature.

*Ready for Pizza Treat?



So last weekend, hubby decided to drop by at the Pizza house which was the only one opened at that time, and ordered a box so we could bring it for our next destination because Sage kept on saying, "daddy boom boom taye?" meaning "it's time to go" as he couldn't wait to check the yacht at the nearby port. We waited for 25 minutes and while doing so, I took some photos of the color-coded chairs and tables in the area, asked Sage to identify them. He's very much into green, blue and white yet having hard time identifying orange and yellow. I tried to let him stroll a bit so that he would get used to the idea of taking pizza for his snack. As soon as it was ready, we headed towards our next destination.

The thing here in Seychelles, most shops are closed on Saturday afternoon until Sunday and would be opened on weekdays again. Small shops are selling essentials for households but not those big shops in town, hence it was surprising to see that a pizza house was opened that day.


Ever tried a -Not-So-Costly Bonding as a Family?

As we were heading to our destination at the port, we were able to park at a nearby slot just next to Roche Caiman as they're closed on a weekend as well. The area has already been packed with other people with their cars, food and drinks, Seychelloise kind of picnic if they're not at the beach.



Sage on the other hand enjoyed the simplicity of how we spend our weekend having pizza around running to and fro, looking at the boats coming in and out of the port. He giggled whenever he saw those boats and would eventually say, "mommy big boats?" with a conviction that what he saw was big and bid goodbye as they're sailing. For his safety, we have to carry him while checking at the boats at the same time cars coming in.



Mostly our weekend road trip is a way of our bonding moment as a family and trying to connect deeply. I felt so blessed knowing how becoming a parent is the greatest gift God has given both to me and to my hubby.


Selfie moment at the back of the car while daddy's driving. Sage loved to stand holding the back seat because he's so eager of what he could see outside. Easier to teach him different objects for identification purposes.

weekend getaway images edited via Adobe Sparks

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