Our Babbly Baby and the Gift of Motherhood

How I View Things as a First-Time Mom

The beauty of being a mom lies on how we truly accept the transformational growth we are taking especially if it's our first hand experience and on how we spend quality time with our baby.

The challenges along the way is tantamount to our baby's development as well as that of the parents. It's always worthy to see our baby's milestone in accordance to how we wanted their growth in becoming the best version of themselves. Remember what Matthew Jacobson said,

behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first."

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There were those special moments upon reminiscing how blessed I am to be given such once in a lifetime experience that I would never bargain for anything. The first three months was indeed a rough ride, and one crucial factor to consider was being deprived from sleep however now that Sage don't do anymore breastfeeding, there were times I missed cuddling him when he's still around 3 months. Truly I can attest most of the parents' statement at how fast time flies indeed and we can never turn back the hands of time when our babies were barely three months.

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Sage's Babbling Moment

There was a point when Sage at around 9 months had a very cute and babbly moment, nagging to say good night to his toto (uncle) Mike while he's in his crib as we were putting him to bed, thinking that he’s in his crib watching Peter Pan, his favourite and all-time movie marathon because as soon as it ended, he would mumble to rewind.

His dad was doing something nearby fixing his toy car while I was in the adjacent room doing my online stuff. It was around 8:25 in the evening, everything was quiet when all of a sudden, our Sage Alexander "vroom vroom teet teet" kept on babbling. "Vroom Vroom teet teet because these were the first words he uttered 'vroomvroom as the sound of a car, and teet teet for birds'.

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So, hubby and I were busy with our stuffs, when Sage started his gibberish mode

“da, da, da, vroom vroom?”

And so his dad, simply just said

“Oui, vroom vroom!”

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and then he continued,

da da da toto?
Toto referred to his uncle Mike, my hubby’s elder brother who lived nearby and he wanted to say goodnight. So Patrick replied,
“oui Toto, dormir” meaning toto is sleeping.

As his dad is of French descent literally Sage learned from him the tone and the intonation on how the words were said, insisted on babbling, nagging his dad instead.

“da, da, da, vroom vroom?’ and this time I have to intervene because Sage wanted to say something yet couldn’t figure out how, So I have to explain that no "vroom vroom" because it’s already bedtime and he already bid goodbye, said goodnight to his Toto..

But of course, he’s pretty much stubborn like me so persisted with the tone of his voice, calling his da…

“da, da, da, totchie!’ he’s referring now to the tortoise, because he wanted to visit his friend tortoise as well at the mini-zoo just near the garden. We have to explain that he can't visit his friend tortoise since it's bedtime and he will see them in the morning.

There was this instance during our family time together when were seated outside while feeding the birds and Sage excitedly shown me "tortoise" from his animal booklet. The fervency of his tone got me excited which I found so amusing. He has his way of making us smile which at times hubby and myself would merely burst into laughter. Such a family bonding we would look forward too most of the time.

My Realizations and Reflections:

Being a mom is a gift. Not everyone is given an opportunity to become a parent, a mother or a father, hence it is our responsibility to rear our children to become a productive citizen in the society. The way I was brought up with my papa with strict guidelines so I would become the best version of myself, ultimately become successful in my field is how I want our baby look up to as he's growing.

Here in Seychelles, some children were abandoned due to irresponsible parenting, the impact it created to a child's life is the parents' sole duty. I could not take how such parents were able to neglect their own flesh and blood hence the issue on teenage pregnancy is at a higher rate in the country. At an early age of 6 some kids were already behaving not in accordance to their age and it's quite alarming. Let us reflect and remember, what Gary Smalley said,

Affirming words from moms and dads are like light switches. Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child’s life and it’s like lighting up a whole roomful of possibilities."

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