A Father's Day Tribute to my Hubby: Our Last Day at L'Habitation in Cerf Island

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Hubby and I are both first-time parents so we tried our best to be the best mom and dad to our Sage Alexander. It was our first time bonding together as a family of three outside Mahe. It was a good moment where I thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy it knowing how the condition of my father back in my country. Patrick understood that I need time out from everything and such initiative was out of the blue.


Family Time at L'Habitation in Cerf Island

Cerf Island is 15 minutes away from Mahe, the main island in the country. It was suggested by a good friend of ours as they had an awesome time spending it on the weekend there. At once, I booked our ticket and Patrick talked to the lady in charge because they spoke in their language to understand better how the accommodation would be knowing that we have a baby. It was easy packing to do mainly because our stuff was full of Sage's essentials.

We were still waiting for our boat when we arrived at Eden Island and my papa who managed to talk to us via video call had a glimpse a bit on the island.*** Later did I realize it was also his last moment to see his grandchild.***

That Round Couch Facing the Ocean


L'Habitation Cerf Island.jpeg

Hubby and I loved the round couch facing the ocean. It's as if there's an energy that would capture both of our attention as it was so relaxing. We even thought of buying one. Sage loved it there as well checking at the lizard around the corner.

My boys just had the best time in their lives and I can't help capture the moment of them together there. Hubby had to pretend as well that he could not find the lizard and Sage's determined expression won't let him stopped. Stubborn like his dad and mom. Started my video on this moment of my hubby and my baby's moment together because I found the joy in seeing my boys in a very relaxing mode at Cerf.

Our Adventure Going to the Reservoir!

Patrick loved adventure. Initially, the plan was to do kayaking, and on our way back to the hotel to get the equipment, a friend he stumbled into mentioned that the reservoir was a good scenario as it was on top of the mountain, more or less 10 minutes walk. They were talking in Creole French and Sage seemed to understand them better than I did.

So we started our feat.....

At first, it was smooth walking down and up the hill with those bushes around. Easing up with those green sceneries as we kept heading towards the destination, Patrick felt something was not right at all and asked the very obvious question, "are we lost?"

Good times, he's the one talking to the guide before we headed to the reservoir and he had the guts to ask me? lol. Anyhow we kept walking and the more we walked, the more we felt we're lost that Sage also observed we're in the middle of nowhere, eventually asked,

where's the big truck?

well then part of the adventure is to get lost somehow like Andre Gide said,

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." *

Back to the shoreline eventually
to the hotel almost around dinner.

It was a relief that we managed to find our way back to the shoreline and decided to check the farthest end. It was almost 5 pm that we got back to the hotel and we didn't prepare our tummy for a sumptuous dinner.



We were so full we decided to chill a bit afterward, took pictures of the area. Patrick and Sage had their baby and daddy time together at the round couch facing the ocean.

We talked and enjoyed the calmness of the place that night. Sage eventually dozed off and we decided to put him on his baby crib. Hubby and I had our moment together where we hardly got the time to be alone together and it was such a surreal bonding.


I felt at peace half heartedly knowing the reality of my father back in my country. Much as I tried to be with my boys, yet another part of my heart was with my papa who was fighting for his life at that time and our means of communication was online.

Although he told me to make most of my time with my own family. It was in retrospection that even today I am praying God would give me the strength and the wisdom that papa was now in Heaven with HIM. He has gone home!

Departure to Mahe and Docked at Eden Island!

IMG-3897 (1).jpg

We left L'Habitation with a great desire to come back and Sage made good friends with the son of the hotel's owner as he bid goodbye to his "uncle". Later I found out that the owner himself was a close friend of Patrick and they had a good deal about cars and boats. There were a lot of hotels as an alternative in the island but my point was.....

Regardless if there were many other options to stay in Cerf Island, the difference was that we felt HOME in their hotel. The price was also fair enough plus the staff at the restaurant accommodated us well. They're more like extended family so to speak.

The moment we docked at Eden Island, we waited for our transport going home and Patrick who preferred to eat fish decided to buy a string wherein Sage at once excitedly said, "Poisson" a French word for fish and I was so elated knowing it's still moving and you can be assured of its freshness. The beauty of living on an island is that marine and aquatic resources are a great way to maintain an unprocessed healthy eating habit.


[images used in this post are mine edited via inCollage]

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