My Little Daughter's Most Festive Birthday Event

Hello everyone,how are you?

This is my first post in this community. I want to share happiness with all of you about my daughter's birthday, although this event has passed for 3 years but this is the most memorable and festive event as long as I celebrate it for my daughter's.


This is a photo my daughter's first when she was 5 years old, I named her "Faizya Alya Oktaviani, she was born on October 7, 2013.In October he will be 8 years old.

Today God gave abundant sustenance to my family, coincided with her birthday, so I plan to give something memorable for my daughter.

I immediately went to a Fast Food Restaurant or Fast Food which is well known both in Indonesian society and abroad, namely KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). This place is not far from where I live. I booked the place on October 7, 2018.
Here I ordered quite a lot of KFC rice packages for the mother and child who were present later, but not with the drinks, I shopped for drinks,parcels,and souvenir myself, as well as her birthday cake. The cost that I spent to enliven this event was Rp. 6,000,000 rupiah for the value of money in Indonesia.

At that time we were going to celebrate his 5th birthday, how happy he was when he heard this good news, that I would celebrate his birthday at a KFC restaurant where he usually eats his favorite fried chicken.

As a good parent I want to give the best for my children.

Below are photos that my relatives were able to take.




See how happy the faces of all these friends and children, I also called the clown chicken to cheer them up, Mc gave them lots of games and gifts, sang together and danced together, I felt like crying seeing this happiness.

After the game, and singing with friends was over, then we all sang the birthday song together for my daughter.



All clapped together.

It was time for my daughter to blow out her birthday candles, we parents blew out the candles with our daughter.


Sorry hive friends, not many photos can be taken by my relatives at that time, many moments are not captured.

This is a kiss of love and affection from us.



Time to cut the cake, we also cut it together.


Below are photos of our children feeding cake slices for the family.



The first piece of course was given to me. Her mother, my daughter, fed cake for me. I also gave a bite of cake for my daughter.

There were many prayers that Mama prayed at that time, hopefully you will always be in the protection of Allah, always given a long life, can be a smart child and achieve all your goals later.

I'm sorry Mama has not been able to be a good parent, there are still many shortcomings of Mama in giving you love so far.

The second piece was given to her father, just like me, her papa certainly gave the best prayers for our daughter.


The third piece was given to his grandmother, she is my mother.


My mother came all the way from another city just to attend her first grandson's birthday.

Time flies so fast, it's a shame that there are so many moments that are not taken. After the event is over, you immediately distribute meal packages, souvenirs and snacks for friends who have come.

On the husband's right is my brother-in-law, he is my husband's younger brother.


And this is a photo with my cousin.


Thank you for reading my post, we need to remember that parental love is forever, but no parent is perfect, all must have mistakes and mistakes when educating their children solely for the good of their children, and good parents will give the best.

Thanks again and see you in my next post.

Warm greetings from me, Ndari.


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