Most difficult age of having children.


Good afternoon motherhood I hope you're all having a wonderful day and it is wonderful to see the weekly challenges back up and running they're such a great thing to follow and contribute too. I've chosen to blog about the hardest age of having children. I feel that I might be a little disadvantaged and might not be able to provide you a full rundown as my oldest is only 4.5 years.

From other parents I hear that teenage years are a nightmare having to stay up late worrying about their kids and when they will return and also battling hormones and as children try to take control. I guess at that age there is alot of changes happening as kids become independent and their own people and parents still try to organise and control things at home but kids have their own needs, wants and beliefs. They're starting to become their own people.

So for the purpose of this blog, not being able to comment beying 4.5 years I'm just going to say.... it's all challenging 🤣 nah that would be a lie but it is hard and it can be different for different people and kids also behave differently. I would still say the first 3 months are the hardest and that also extends to the first year + until your kid can walk.


For example, little miss walked faster than her little brother and as a result was alot more calmer and wanted to go exploring which brought on different challenges. But the constant crying and wanting to be held all the time stopped.

Instead she always wanted to be outdoors and see what the world had to offer. It gave me alot of time with her and it also wore her out so she slept alot more for longer periods. She started walking at 1 year exactly. She was also alot tougher where she would fall over but get right up and keep trying.


Where as little bloke is 14 months old and has not started walking yet, instead he gets about bum shuffling and on his pull/push/leg powered scooter. This continues to be an issue as he prefers to be carried around everywhere and has made the first 14 months quite challenging. Where little miss would walk over to you and follow you around to see what you're doing. Little block bum shuffles insisting to be picked up.

It gets really hard as he will often call out from the play room once his big sister leaves, she's even had to lift him up over the garage step a few times so he could continue to follow her.

We have tried to teach him to walk and he is starting to show signs of improvement and wanting to stand but still is not able to hold up his own body weight.

So in conclusion I would say the most challenging time with child raising is the time before they can walk. Once the can get about on their own things get a way lot easier. To the point where they will even walk off on you to do their own thing giving you a much needed break.

I can't wait for little bloke to do that, or to atleast be able to chase his sister around.

Things are getting quite challenging.

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