Family Day Out


COVID19 has reshaped our state and our City although Melbourne our states capital city has returned to 70% capacity a significant amount of the workforce has remained working from home.

Our community has significantly benefited from the shift as it is an emerging community that is currently being developed. In the media we hear stories about how all the businesses in the city had to close. But what you won't hear is that they didn't stay shut forever.

Many of those businesses have moved to the outer suburbs where they are now thriving as there are higher incomes from families establishing lives. The commute to the city is just out of reach for many and its not uncommon to spend 3hours a day in traffic.

Which is why my wife who is elected in our community to represent us has been advocating to retain a work from home mantra and increased investment in STEM to power the next generation of the workforce.

We've even managed to have a school built in the community with a primary focus on STEM in the hopes of training up our kids to lead the future.


This weekend we got to have breakfast at one of my former favourite cafes from the city near where I used to work. But now that they have relocated and opened within our community I tend to go here most days for a coffee.

It's been great to see the community thrive and create new economic opportunities for locals and the business retaining its role providing fine food for our community. I have to admit it is a totally different experience going from ordering more morning coffee at work alone to now eating here with my whole family.


It's also how you build strong customers with loyalty as now everytime I think about getting something to eat I'll be popping past my favourite Cafe which I had been going to for years on end.

It's also a different narrative to one the corporate elite have been telling us about, one that is all doom and gloom for traders which is clearly not the case.


I'm not suggesting many didnt collapse or struggle as we all have through COVID but the smart traders undertook their market research and relocated to where the people were.

Also, rent is cheaper and most overheads are a fraction of the price that they are in the city. This Cafe got a bigger floor space which means they could expand their menu. Have more customers and also outdoor dining that isn't filled with pollution.

Set amongst green space with plenty of parking and nature as well helps build a more ambient dining experience.


My kids were absolutely over the moon with their pancakes and fairy Floss breakfast made with freshly squeezed orange juice and just by looking around the floor I could see there were a lot of happy customers today.


As for me, I got the Bacon, eggs and mushrooms on sour dough toast which was worth the additional calories as it has been a while since I've been able to enjoy such great food.

I look forward to this new era within our lives and more broadly the world. A time built more around families than corporate elites and profits.

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