Mother's love can be really beautiful and incredible but that's only if you are fortunate enough to have one, know one or even be one yourself. Generally, parents should love their children, care for them and protect them but then the love of a mother is always exceptional in most cases and even as some father's don't show their love towards their children, that doesn't rule out the fact that they can't also be loving and caring even better than some mothers. At some point in my life I never really cared about the love that mother's have towards their children because I grew up with the love of a father and I was satisfied.

But that doesn't mean my mother didn't love and care for me but, there were buts. It took me quite some time to get to know how the love of a mother truly feels and when I started getting that feeling, I knew I've missed a lot not getting a mother's love but then I'm happy because that also gave me the opportunity to have a lot of mothers love. I literally got love and care from most elderly women I got to know and that paved way for me to start appreciating the love of a mother even more.
The way mother's show their love towards their children and even other children around them is something that shouldn't be taken for granted by any child because there are a whole lot of children out there facing this cruel world all by themselves, without no one to care for them, no one to scold them, no one to guide them, no one to provide some basic needs for them, they have to do everything by themselves and trust me, those of us that had a taste of our parents especially our mothers love won't understand what they are really going through.
But then, the question is how do we know our mothers truly love and care for us? Is it by them giving us all we want or by them praising us even when we are obviously doing the wrong thing? Or maybe by them defending us or taking sides with us when we do something bad? Well, I bring it to you that non of those things I just mentioned is a way to show love, especially from a mother to a child and vice versa. Sadly, most parents, mother's especially are scared of spelling out their children's wrongs because they think the children will think they are wicked, but is that really true?


Here is a short story that would send you a message, there was this boy child who happened to be the only child of his parents. Due to the fact that the couples could no longer give birth to children, they made sure their son lacked absolutely nothing, to them, they showed him love and care. Although the father of the children tried his best to instill good morals in the boy, the mother would always plead on the child's behalf and even going to the extent to threatening the father of leaving him. And because of the fear of losing his family, the man had to let the mother take care of the child as she wanted.

When the child grew up to an accountable age, the father passed away and that made him even more free to do what he wanted because he knows he is always right in his mother's eyes. When he got into high school, he mingled with the wrong friends and with time, he started engaging in criminal activities like stealing, raping and others. Whenever he got into trouble, as always the mother would look for a way out for him but on this faithful day, he got caught by the people of his community for stealing and the people were raged to the point that they took him to the community townhall to use him as an example to others who might be thinking of living their life the same way.
While all these was happening, someone who saw the boy being dragged to the town hall, and quickly went to inform the boys mother and before she got there, they've beaten the boy almost to his death and the boy pleaded that he should at least say goodbye to his mother who was already in tears and they allowed him. When his mother came closer to him, he bit her ear so hard that it cut off. Everyone was surprised by the boys action, he asked his mother one question, which is, MOTHER WHY? Why didn't you correct me when I was wrong? Why did you made me feel like I was doing the right thing? And many more questions he asked.


According to the story, you will realize that the boy at first was feeling his mother loved him so dearly because he got all he could ever ask for, he could do anything and get away with it. And there his mother was, thinking that by covering up for her son, shows how much she loves him but that was not how everything turned out. In the end she still lost her precious child and in a very cruel way all because she refused to realize that when you spare the rod, you spoil the child. As a mother, you only love your child/children when you take note of their mistakes and correct them immediately. The child might see you as wicked but that shouldn't matter so much to you if you truly love that child.

A mother's love is not something that is crystal clear to everyone, if it is then you should know that you aren't doing it right. Nobody loves it when they are being corrected and your children or child is not left out. They might be angry with you at that moment but then, it is left for you to draw them closer to yourself again and let them know why you had to discipline them the way you did and also plead with them not to do it again. And as they grow older, they will get to understand better the love you have for them whenever you scold or discipline them.
From the so many words I've said, as a mother or even father, do you really love your child by actions or just mere words? You don't have to give me your answer, just know it for yourself, that's what really matters. And if you are loving your children as you should, I give you a thumbs up because it's not easy, not at all. And if you are not, I hope this helps you to start making the right choices henceforth.

Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!

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