Mom's Day Out with the Besties for Life!

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It is the most reputable job: being a "mom"! It is an achievement of womanhood-- I feel honored and blessed. In my opinion, anyone can be a mother, but few are chosen.

Why? It is because anyone with a healthy uterus can conceive, but sometimes not all women choose to be a "mom", maybe they are not ready or responsible enough to take the chance! Being a mom takes a lot of courage and will, to stand for what is good for her children and do whatever it takes for their happiness. A mother always gives even not asked, always understands, is always ready for a "kiss and makeup", always smiles, makes time, is always ready for a hug, and gives love unconditionally. Being a mom is not easy, complicated, exhausting but it brings me so much joy and fulfillment!

So, from time to time, moms also need a "break' or a "mom's day out" especially with their best girlfriends in the world. Having best friends is one of the best things also for moms when things are in chaos; because then they have someone to talk to for some advice. When you are overloaded with work and you still need to make time to balance the needs of your children, it is so stressful for me! Kidding aside, it is just so good to have a break once in a while. Time to reboot and relax.

When my best friends and I have our "Moms' Day Out", we mostly go to the mall and have coffee or to our favorite bar sipping our favorite wine! We share a common interest in clothes, bags, shoes, and make-up. We love to compliment each other, we always have each other's backs, especially when there are family problems we can not tell (husband problems), they say never share but for us, sharing is caring. We never kiss and tell anyway, that's what loyal friends do.

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We have been together for more than two decades, our relationship had passed the test of time. We may not see each other as often as before, you know family first, but we know deep in our hearts that we have a special bond of sisterhood nothing can ever break apart!

We do make sure we have time together at least once a year. Nowadays with the pandemic, plant hunting is our thing! Going to the market to look for pots and house thingy, having best friends around makes my life easier and more lovely! I get to enjoy my best friends' company, we laugh and cry and talk and have so much fun when we are together. Life is so much easier with them because we can share our problems and we can give pieces of helpful advice on a lot of different topics. I love spending time with them during our Moms Day-out dates.

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Stay tuned on my Blog, where love, life and all-in-betweens are a lot to look forward to!

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