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Hello Members of Motherhood community, I am Iniobong Emmanuel, a computer engineer and an agriculturist. I live in the southern part of Nigeria, Akwaibom state precisely but I'm currently based in the federal capital territory of Nigeria.


I am a new member of this community, I As events always has it that every speaker gets introduced, I am using this means to introduce myself.

My colour is purple and my best food is rice with stew, prepared with salad along side local Fowl meat and chilled bottles of beer.

I am a writer and lover of books, I have written two books though as my system crashed I wasn't able to market it but it is still in progress. I wrote two books, the first been basics of computer, it is a book recommended inorder to teach you computer. It is also inline with the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). It is a book recommended for schools for kids, young one and adult to understand the fundamentals of computer.


I also wrote another book which I'm still proof reading currently the book which titled " Statistical analysis". It is a book that explains Statistical analysis of data with good examples profitable to the government and leaders at large.

I am also a lover of anything that flies like flights. I love airplanes. I like to be a pilot in future but thinking of how to become that. I've been seeking opportunity to find scholarship to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot. But I hope I will meet my dream helper one day.

I am glad to be in this community and there agree to abide by the rules and regulations that governs the community.

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