Yesterday my country celebrated children's day. I understand that almost all countries join in this celebration but the date and month varies. My country chose every 27th day in the month of May to have this wonderful celebration.


The children are very important in every nation because they are the leaders of tomorrow and so a lot of care and attention should be given to them to prepare them mentally, physically , psychologically and otherwise towards becoming the best they can be.



Children's day is being celebrated with lots of parties and parades. Infact i was overwhelmed with lots of parties that I don't know which to actually attend. First was my children's school that organized a little party for them. Parents were encouraged to bring any snack to support the children. I took two packs of Yogurt to their school as i don't want to disappoint my girls. One of the minders in school saw me and decided to help me carry one pack of the yogurt.



Next was the children's party organised in my work place. I work for a real estate company and every year they never fail to organise party for the children every 27th. They put a lot of resources down for this party. Apart from the many food and drinks that the children enjoyed, there was also party packs for them. Three kids were also given an opportunity to win a plot of land each.



Children's day can be traced way back in the year 1857 in USA when a pastor by the name Charles Leonard organized a small service for all the children in his church. The locals started calling the service Children's day and from there it went across the whole world. In 1925, international children's day was declared and all these is to recognize the important of children in a nation.



In my estate where i have been living for the past four years , children's day was always observed with a very big party too. Parents will all contribute money and some will prefer to contribute foodstuffs or drinks. In the end there would be enough food both local dishes and continental dishes for everyone. There will also be a lot of fun activities and performance by the children. This year's own, a very wealthy family in the estate decided to fund the party themselves. According to them it was also their son's birthday and they want to make it a big party for the children.



Considering the inflation in the country, this family were so blessed to want to fund the party all by themselves. It was top notched and they never compromised on standard. They even made available our native food called breadfruit.


The breadfruit is not only expensive but also very scarce. You cannot see it in all market and for them to have cooked it they must have sourced it direct from the east. The children had so much fun at the party as there was enough for them to eat and drink. There were candy floss, popcorn, icecream, small chop and cakes for them.

I got tired but my girl's energy was as if they just entered the party. It was indeed a weekend filled with back to back parties. Their nanny was with them and so i left them and walked the few blocks to my house to catch some rest. They came back three hours later
With lots of gifts and it was another partying in the house. They managed to take a shower and ran back to their new toys. Five minutes later they were seen snoring.

This further confirms that no one can cheat nature, not even two energetic girls.

I am happy that it was another children's day to remember.<

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