Eid first day

Firt of all very eid mubarak to all fellows, friends Muslims andthis community members. I wish you all happy. When I woke up it was the nearest time of prayer of eid. I did work on my shop till very late night. because the eid shopping. We was tired from the shop, me and my father. So when i went to go to prayer it was very beautiful view out. Have a look how i was looking in my new clothes of Eid.
It was a fine day while working with my father on our relative's Qurbani we were helping him. We did Qurbani or not no matter. So when we was on his roof i thought to take a selfie there. My android was not with me it is the phone who don't give a good result in using, so i can't recommend this phone. When i don't recommend this phone i also don't like to write the phone name. just see the selfie. I putted mask on me because of COVID 19 And also i couldn't take breath there in smell. So what you understand.
I am not good at writing. This is true, how am i, tell me in comment section.
So what i did else, i went to home when the sunset was happened. because that relative did a great dinner for us. he invited our family to his home for lunch and dinner. I went back home i go to sleep. and now i am woke up.
I am surprised for my first post in diary game, hope i will get true support.

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