My introduction for #hive and #teamukraine


** Hello #Team Ukraine, and my fellow #hiver**

My name is Sanaullah (My nick name is Sani), i am twenty year old and i am from Pakistan. Most of people are well aware of Pakistan, as you know, it is located in middle east, beside China and India. I am a student of #Bioinformatics ( It is branch in which we deal with Biological problems, and try to solve them with the help of Computer program),i am blogger is my on #hive, cricketer, computer gamer, traveler, swimmer, Bike rider, Home cook, C++ programmer, and snooker player.

MY life journey

I was Born in karachi at 29/12/2000, and spend their few months then came back to my village ( Bandi Maira ), i raised there 12 Years. I got my Basic Education from my Village School ( Govt School Reya ) when i passed my 5th grade, we migrated to City Name as Abbottabd, which is 15 KM away from village . It was new place for me and my family ( But is is the name of moving ). We just start living here and i got my admission for 6th grade in high school ( GOVT Higher secondary school no 3 Abbottabad ). It was very famous school all over the city, first day i was so excited about my new school that how will i spend my time here and how will i study here.
So with the passage of time i learned how to deal with my new school, and my teacher and my fellow. I am telling you that it is very important, high school friends will remain in my heart until now and might be forever, maybe i will not get friends like my high school in my whole upcoming life. Finally in 2016, i passed my 10th grade, and got 81% marks.


My City::

As mention in profile, my city name is Abbottabad. It is small city of KPK.
About 8 years we are here in this city, i have many positive and negative memory that's belong to my city.


Playing cricket is my hobby, maybe all of you are familiar with this game. If your not then let me tell you, in this game we have a bat and one boll and bolor bolls the boll to the batsman and batsman hit the boll with bat. This is basics, it have many other rules.
Watching movies, since i got admission in university, i started watching movies and till now i am doing same. since this week i dropped number of movies into one per day.
But nowadays i stop watching movies.


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