My beautiful Sunday at the confluence of Lopan and Kharkov River - Skver Strilka

People say Sunday means Funday but not for me. Some people are also wishing me a friendship day as they are celebrating the day. Most of my friends are living in Bangladesh and there, today everyone is celebrating friendship day. Then I started browsing on the internet when Ukraine celebrates friendship day and came to know that on July 30, people of all over the world celebrate friendship day except a few countries including the USA. On the other hand, Ukraine celebrates friendship day on June 9. After reading all the details of the day I let it go because the day was already over...

I had some pending works today, especially I was looking for someone to fix my sofa set. My dog destroyed half of the sofa already and if I don't fix it now, the whole sofa set I have to change. Well, before my landlord will come to know about this thing, I need to fix it.

So, at first, I went to the city center to find the shop. After spending an hour in the shop, I decided to go to the riverside. In Kharkiv, there is one place where two rivers of the city meet each other and that is Strilka Square, known as the confluence of two rivers. People used to call it the Lopan riverbank but its recent name is Strilka Square. Both the Lopan River and Kharkiv river meet each other here. Now the official name of this spot is Skver Strilka.



So the park is situated at the confluence of Lopan and Kharkiv river, a very beautiful urban park in Kharkiv city. One can take a nice walk and spent time here. A nice walkway has been constructed on the embankment of the river.

I wanted to walk in such a place, so I went to Strilka Park for a walk. I have spent almost 2 hours there walking and sitting there, was enjoying the river view and the scenery.



During winter, the river becomes frozen and it looks more beautiful then. There is a suspension bridge from where I have taken these pictures; this is the Kharkiv river... The water is bluish and deep, a concert stage has constructed there a few years ago and sometimes big concert shows happen here.



Many people come here for boating especially in the afternoon and spend up to 3-4 hours here. Not only one can enjoy the beautiful urban scenery but also enjoy the boat ride as well. In the evening, small kiosks and vans open temporary food shops for people.




I took some pictures and call one of my friends to join me. She lives nearby and it takes only 10 minutes for her to come here.




This spot is also considered an urban recreational space. In Kharkiv, this spot is exceptional, and whenever I want to spend my leisure time I come here. The location is a little bit far away from my home but worth walking here. Many people do cycling here too. Right now the park is full of summer flowers and grasses. Soon it will be covered with yellow leaves and then white winter will come.

I enjoyed the beautiful old city while walking on the embankment of the river. Openwork benches really helped me to sit down for a while and then I continued my walk again...

I have spent my 4 hours there and later came back home...

Until next time... Have a nice day everyone...

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