⚡️ First Cryptex24.io airdrop completed!


All the eligible users received their codes after 00.00 GMT +2, April 19, 2020.

We Dropped and internal C24 token in the amount of 100 USDT to those who passed all the requirements as codes to our exchange.

By this airdrop our aim was to support the Hive community, to be more specific we would like to support those who hold Hive, - says @gengua CEO of @cryptex24, - We plan to run different airdrops and specific promotions at least twice a month. Also, there are plans to list Hive-Engine tokens: CBM (@cryptobrewmaster Beer game token) and BEER.


As far as you may know we use the codes to withdraw or deposit specific tokens without any commission ⤵️⤵️


We are happy, that there were lots of people who tried C24 for the first time, and we up to further airdrops and promotions announced soon here on our Hive blog!


👉 Cryptex24.io is a new cryptocurrency exchange, launched in open beta and has the following features:

➡️ The availability of a referral program, under which @Cryptex24 will pay you ❗️25% of your commission, and if you have 1000 C24 in your personal account, this fee will be ❗️50%.

➡️ Low commissions for exchange operations, which amount only 0.1% (0.05% for those who use C24).

➡️ Codes for replenishing users' balance sheets.

➡️ Ability to transfer "small balances" into C24.

➡️ Simple design and user-friendly interface.

🌐 GEO Pay is implemented on the cryptocurrency exchange for easy transfer of assets between different exchanges and services, which is used for deposit and withdrawal with a minimal commission.

✔️ Currently available for trading: #BTC, #USDT, #UAHG, #EOS, #STEEM, #SBD, #KRB, #TRX, #BNB, #XRP, #XLM, #HIVE, #HBD and #C24 internal token.


Stay tuned here @cryptex24
On our official international Telegram chat - https://t.me/cryptex24_international
And a Discord Server - https://discord.gg/s3Zp4zw


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