On cold autumn evenings, when there is a danger of getting into the red zone of the pandemic, and on the eve of Halloween, I began to think again about what clothes to wear🤔 It is possible that you will not have to wear it, but I like to flip through magazines and be inspired by ideas


To be honest, I have always liked the cold range of colors. It is believed that cold colors are chosen by people who are restrained (or those who want to appear so), impassive, reserved. The positive aspect of this group is organization, orderliness, orderliness, the negative aspect is dryness, callousness, pedantry. Cool colors include blue, light mint and turquoise, smoky gray. They pacify, make you feel careless


I especially like blue. But lately I've been observing that I've surrounded myself with one blue one, so I'm looking for an alternative. But if you choose a colored one, then you certainly need to have a good taste. Or develop it through things👚👗

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