Thunderbolts Original Art - Issue 71 Page 1 and 21

My last couple of Thunderbolts pages comes from issue 71. Manuel Garcia penciled that issue and Al Vey did inks. I don't remember much of the story but it still includes the shield agents from issue 69. Not the greatest splash page ever but page 1 is a full page piece focused on Blackheath and has Songbird and some others. Page 21 has a bit of action. Turns out Blackheath was absorbing some watery dude and isn't as dead as they all thought.

Sorry for the blurriness on this one. :( I shake a lot.





Always so cool to see the original art next to the final page. Something about seeing it come to life is just awesome. Even when they aren't the greatest pages ever.

Well, this is the last of my Thunderbolt original art collection. I'd like to get more eventually but I haven't seen a ton for sale lately and what I do see aren't exactly screaming to buy it now.

I'm also just not so sure I want to collect Thunderbolts original art. Though I am getting that original art collecting urge again, just not so sure I want to focus on Thunderbolts. I've been kind of kicking around the idea of going through and selling most of my collectibles, but choosing a singular topic to focus on. I've always found it so cool to see people's collections of Spider-Man or Batman or Nintendo or Star Wars... that thing that they focus on the most. Sure can have some things from other stuff but when a person really focuses on one topic, it is just so cool to me.

Choosing what that would be for me has been kind of rough though. I've been thinking about it for weeks at this point. I may be overthinking it, but I've been trying to analyze what makes my favorites my favorites in the first place. We all can get easily swayed into liking things and not realize it. Then sometimes we latch onto something once we start on it even if the initial allure is gone. So even though I have large collections of somethings I'm trying to decide... is it really me? What do I really like? And will I still like it 10 years from now after I've spent thousands of dollars on collectibles?

Hopefully I can figure it out and start condensing my collection to focus on me more. We'll see how that turns out! 😅

I do have one more original page I'll share soon. It is my only non-Thunderbolts page right now. So stay tuned for that!

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