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"Meat in a thick sauce (goulash) with pasta - recipe"

Meat in a thick sauce (goulash) with pasta - recipe

Food is a part of each of us, a key word for human survival. It is connected to the tradition and culture of every nation. various manifestations and festivals are organized in its part, that is why specialties and delicacies are an unavoidable part of each of us.

Goulash traditionally originates from Hungary, so it is gladly prepared by other peoples. It is usually prepared from beef or pork, in addition to meat, there are other ingredients such as vegetables and ground red pepper. Today, various variants of goulash are prepared with various other spices depending on the taste.


It is believed that goulash originates from ancient times, the vast Hungarian plains and cattle breeders who raised cattle and kept them in their constant movements, cooked and fed in the fields.

Goulash used to be prepared in heavy iron cauldrons, from finely chopped meat and onions. Today it is prepared in various ways and with various spices.


I prepared my own version of homemade goulash.



  • 500 g of meat
  • Oil
  • 4 larger onions
  • 1 carrot
  • parsnip root
  • special spice (which contains ground pepper and other spices we need for this recipe)


cut the onion into small cubes, in a certain bowl in which you planned to prepare the stew, add oil to heat it, then add the onion and simmer over low heat.



Cut the carrot and parsnip root into small cubes, then add the onion and simmer.



Goulash is usually prepared from beef but also from other types of meat. On this occasion, I used pork that I cut into small cubes. So cut the meat into smaller cubes and add the vegetables and simmer. The key to this dish is long stewing, the meat will release its juice and so you can add a little water from time to time.



When the meat is well cooked, so it looks like it melts in your mouth, add the spice which we will mix with about 700 ml of water and let it simmer for another half an hour.
If you do not have the spice that I used, season it to your taste with the obligatory addition of sweet red ground pepper.



During cooking, the stew will thicken and you will get delicious meat in the sauce, which you can serve with pasta of any kind or mashed potatoes and some salad. I used pasta as a side dish because my family adores it.




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