But It's The Truth


"James! You don't really think I'm going to fall for that again?!?!"

"I'm not lying, Rick. It's the truth this time."

"You fooled me last month, but I'm not stupid. There's no such thing as monsters."

"James! Stop trying to scare your brother. Do you want him to wake up the whole neighborhood in the middle of the night again?" asked the frustrated middle aged lady, as she vacuumed the thick shag rug.

"I'm not scaring him. I'm telling him what I saw. Mom, there really is something under my bed." he said, with a serious face.

"James Crephson, you are almost twelve! I know for a fact that you don't believe in monsters any more." she said, calling his bluff.

He couldn't help but turn away, grinning. "I know what I saw." he said. Somehow, he managed to keep his voice serious, despite struggling to contain his laughter.

"Alright young man. But please refrain from discussing it with your brother. I for one would like to have a good night's sleep."

She smiled despite herself. James was just like his dad. She'd have to tell him about this latest escapade when he got home from the office.

Rick didn't believe him, he knew that James was forever pulling pranks. He decided to have a little fun and turn this one to his advantage.

Two nights later, he crept into his brother's room at midnight, and hid under the bed in his werewolf costume, from last year's Halloween. It had even come with paws.

He began with a light scratching sound. Then he started growling.

"Five more minutes." yawned James.

Rick gave a particularly loud growl, and James was jolted awake. As he looked under the bed, Rick jumped out.


James rolled off, and scooted across the room, screaming. He was terrified!

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!" shouted Mom and Dad simultaneously, rushing into the room.

Rick pulled off his mask, laughing hysterically. "James, you should have seen your face!"

Dad turned away for a few seconds, then faced the boys. "It's time for bed. Rick, we will talk about this in the morning. Good night!"

Rick went back to his room, still laughing to himself. He took off his costume, and opened the closet. Inside, he saw two glowing yellow eyes...

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