The Fancy Bald Man 🤣😂🤭

Hey everyone how are you ? Let me tell you about a funny story which happened to me. So let's start...

The COMedy Rumble

I am a student and last year I became free from my intermediate examinations. And now I wanted to take admission in university. So I went to university and I submitted my documents to the university. And I got admission in software engineering and now I am in the 2nd semester.


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So as you know that in the university the senior students tease 😂 the newcomers. And as it was my first day at the university so I became their victim 🤣.

I was taking my selfie 🤳 and some girls came their and asked me if I am a newcomer. They identified me as a newcomer and then I wanted to make my portrait picture. And I asked her to please take my picture. I was silly 🤣 and fool.

As soon as I gave my mobile to her she had gotten my mobile and started demanding money from me and then she will give me my mobile back to me. And all those friends were looking at me and making my fun 😅.

Then they started making my pictures from different angles. Firstly she said that stand straight I am taking your picture, then she said please correct your head direction and meanwhile others were laughing 🤣 at me and making me fool. Someone from them said that move around 😂 and I was following them 🤣 the silly I am.

Then someone said now turn a little and see toward us we are taking your picture. I was happy that they are making my pictures but I was confuse that why were they laughing at me. I was looking like a robot 🤖 in front of them as I they were giving me commands differently and I was bound to follow them 😅 because my phone 📱 was in their hands.

Then she said that now sit here on the road 🤣 so that we can take your picture in a sitting angle. Then she asked me to hold the flower 🌺 I am taking your picture. And the other were laughing madly 🤣 at me.

When I asked her to show me your pictures she said keep calm then we will show you the pictures. I was insisting them to show my pictures. She said we will give you mobile but firstly give us some money 💰 as we are your seniors and you should give us a treat.

But I said firstly show me my pictures then I'll give you a treat. But they were not giving me my mobile and they were looking at each other. As they were looking at each other I got chance and snatched my mobile 🤣😅 and suddenly open the gallery but when I saw there were no pictures of mine. The gallery was empty 😅 and I was just like this 🥺 those fucking girls make my fun 😅 and make me fool.


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And you will be surprised to hear that 🤣 they made my only one picture but what type of that picture was ? She used Snapchat on my mobile and made a picture without the hair on my head 😂. And when I opened my picture they all came closer to me and started clapping at me and then ran away 😂😅 so I'm this way I was made as a fool by those girls. They were laughing madly 🤣 and I got the lesson not to give my mobile to anyone.

There are a lot other funny things to share which happened to me a short story of always pads 😂 🤣 in the university and I'll share that soon.

Yours: @uop

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