My Hectic Journey.


It was a normal busy and frustrating day for me. I was so angry that it was obvious in the attitude I gave to everyone around me. What caused this?Well, annoying students caused this. I was in charge of a program that was to take place in school and I spent so many hours, I even had to miss some classes to put things together. I stressed so many teachers and they too missed classes just to help me out stuff together. I got letters printed out and it took like a week to get everything done. I even had to sign like a hundred papers only for me to distribute them out to the students and some of them were tearing it. In my presence!. It took everything in me not to cry. The most frustrating part was that even some of my classmates who knew the stress I went through to put things together were among those tearing the paper. I was so angry that immediately after school, I called the first bike I saw and went home.

Getting home, I saw that the gate was locked. As usual I went to our neighbors thinking my mum left the house key with them only for me to find out she didn't. I called her and she said she mistakenly locked the gate with the house key inside and that she had to quickly go out so I had to jump the fence. Me?!, Jump the fence?!, like have you seen me? I just cut the call because my anger was just increasing.

I attempted climbing the fence but then I fell and scraped my knee. Children around were laughing at me and I could understand why. Imagine a very chubby girl who finds it hard to even run attempting to climb a fence. My anger was just building up. I later found a small boy who was willing to climb the fence and open the door for me. It was at that moment I wished we didn't have a dog in the compound. The dogs were barking and were at the fence already and the little boy was so scared to go inside. I had to run down to the end of the fence to call them and the boy quickly got in and opened the door for me. I said my thanks to him and dragged myself inside the house cause why not?I felt so miserable.

I felt more miserable when I realized there was no food in the house. Like the house was empty. I then had to go to the nearest buka (local restaurant) a to buy food. I arrived there and there was a really long queue and the man standing in front of me, how do I put this, well the man was smelling, like he had bad body odor and it took everything in me not to vomit because the odor was upsetting my stomach like really bad. I had to endure through and stayed till it got to my turn. God knows I told this woman yam and tomato sauce. Yam and tomato sauce!, But this woman decided to give me yam and fried egg. I tried complaining but trust Yoruba women now, she had started throwing curses and insults at me telling me I'm trying to spoil her market and I should get out of her shop if I don't want the food. Normally I would have simply walked out oo, but I had paid for the food already and I knew she was not going to give me my money back so I just collected the food from her.

Image my me

I sat at a nearby table and I tried eating the food but then, the egg was just too disgusting for me and I decided that since I have wasted my money, let me just sit down there and take pictures of the food. At all at all na hin be witch (half bread is better than none).

Image by me

After some time, my mum called and said that she was home already and so, I started my journey back home and when I got back, I immediately layed on my bed and slept off. What a hectic day for me!.

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