Resource Utilization

Are we the best ?

Resource Utilization.jpg

I would leave this to your wild imagination but this stuck me while I was coming back from market. I noticed it while passing by but then I turned back and went and watched it closely and it made my day.

I still could not understand if the car is being protected or the clothes are being dried but when I started looking at the tires I could not find a suitable logic - may be protecting it from dogs urinating on it, huh ?


All in one.jpg

And look at those bottles serving as weight - or its just saving some electricity bills to get some hot water !! The pillow makes some sense, but other than that, I could not figure out the puzzle but the entire day it got me supercharged. If he has to take the car for outing, then what would he do ? What do you think ?


May be they have many kids ? 🙃



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