The football match

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we were playing a football match and our opponent was winning two goals to three, Kelvin called me to go to the field since I was late, the car I entered from the park had a breakdown on the way and then instead of the driver looking for a mechanic to fix the car, he was just dancing to the sound that was playing on the car mp3, it makes me sad but i managed to tell him driver, i am late to the football field please find a mechanic to fix the car tyre so we could move.

Finally the mechanic arrived and with a jersey in his hands, he managed to fix the car's tyre and shortly Kelvin called me again to inform me that they had managed to finish the first half with three goals to two that their opponent beat them with a goal. He told me that our goalkeeper is not trained so our opponent could score them.

He said something about the goalkeeper that someone would come to save our team in the second half, when I asked him who that person is, he told me to mind my own business, that I should let him control things or things would control me, I was surprised at this point.

What i did not know was that the driver here and the mechanic were called to play the same match? I was surprised when the driver intruded on my call that he is going to play the same match with me and the mechanic said the same too, I open my eyes wide and yell "what"!

we got to the football field before the second half and Kelvin ran towards us, I thought he wanted to hug me but suddenly I saw him hugging the hilarious driver and the mechanic, he couldn't even look me in the face anymore, he asked them to change and get ready to play the match.

Everything happened very fast, I tried to talk to Kelvin so that he would not make such mistakes by taking those two to play the match, but he refused and I ran to the coach, but none of them could hear me, the hilarious driver had changed in place of our goalkeeper, while the mechanic changes to play number seven, that position that Cristino Ronaldo plays and I could hear that he started calling himself young CR7, I know this would not end well.

While the match was going on, our opponent scored again, and you wouldn't believe it, our goalkeeper started dancing and celebrating the goal, for him, every goal is a goal, the opponent scores again, again, again and again and Kelvin tried to look at me, that's was when I showed him my red buttock and turned my face like a monkey towards him.

The match ended, eight goals to two, while we were beaten by either goals by our opponent.

I saw my teammates crying at the end of the match, while the two soccer stars as Kelvin knew them were jubilating with our opponent, the other one claiming to be CR7 was jumping like a titan, from back to the front and from front to the back, joining our opponent to celebrate, I was busy laughing at Kelvin, because he wanted to show everyone that he is the man, in the end he turned into a boy and cried like a baby.

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