Chukwuema created a scene

I was at the market with my friend earlier today, we both went to buy some things, I was looking for a t-shirt while he wanted to buy a pair of shoes, I told him for us to save time let go different route and call me if you finish shopping before me, he said clear and told me to do the same thing, that was when we parted ways in the market.

As I was going I saw this store that has a very nice T-shirt, I went in and checked if the owner has my size, but I couldn't find the owner, I only met their salesperson, while I was checking, she came to me and showed me what I was searching and not long, the store owner, comes back, he was laughing and I asked "what's up?, with the laugh".

He told me that someone is crying at the other ends of the market because he could not find the shoes that size him in the market, the shoes he wanted to buy are not his size, making him unable to get his wish, he said the young man is sitting on the ground and be crying, "I felt sorry for whoever, after I finished shopping, I took out my phone and called my friend to find out where he was and find him there, but he didn't answer his phone.

Now I walk to those ends where a young man was crying because of not finding the shoes that size him but what I see surprised me, it was Chukwuema who had been crying since we arrived at the market, I ran to him and asked him to stopped crying. He honestly embarrassed me in the market and people started bringing their phones i told them if they dared to start recording anything here i would break the camera on their phones.

I took Chukwuema home, but since he came home, he just laughs, myself, I don't understand what makes him funny, is it the scene he created in the market, or is there something wrong with him, at this time, I'm on my way to call a priest to free him from evil, because I don't know how a man can be reasoning both negative and positioned without realizing himself.

Image by pezibear at pixabay

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