I Am Not Sure Why MR. Ben Did That

Mr. Ben interviewed and hired that bubbly and exquisite-looking girl as his personal secretary. She was not only beautiful, but good at work.

But ten days later, Mr, Ben committed suicide by jumping off his 27th floor office building!

The crime department held a thorough investigation. The chief inspector interrogated the secretary first.

The Inspector asked, “Who was present in the room when he committed suicide?”

Secretary, “Yes, I was here with him!”

Inspector, “What happened? Any idea why he did that? Why did he commit suicide?”

Secretary, “I am so sorry he died. He was such a nice person.”

“That’s fine, but any idea what went wrong with his so he committed suicide?” The inspector wanted to know the reason for his action!

I am not sure! The next day of my joining, he gifted me a dress worth $500. And two days later he took me out for dinner.“

“Did you go to his house?” The inspector looked at her meaningfully!

“No, but on the third day of my joining, he gave me a diamond necklace worth $3,000.”

“That’s great. What next?” The inspector was curious to know.

“And only a couple of days ago, he bought me a diamond ring worth $1000. Here it is on my finger!

Inspector, “Then?”

Secretary, “Today we were sitting in the office when he asked me to marry him. He proposed to me for marriage! I don't know why he said, Happy Valentine's Day though"


Inspector, "So, did you refuse?"

Secretary, Before I could tell him the reality, my father called me. My phone was in speaker mode.

Okay, the inspector thought he was about to reach the climax of the story!

The secretary said, “My father asked me where I was and what I was doing.”

I only said, "If you were here, you would see how much my boss loves me."

The secretary paused for a moment and further said. Then I told my father
"And you always keep saying, Johnny, don’t roam around in the disguise of a girl."

The secretary looked at the inspector and said, " Suddenly Mr. Ben got up and jumped off the window. I don't know what went wrong with him?"

The inspector now knew the reason for Ben's suicide.

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