The COMedy Rumble: The girl and the frogs


Julien Mussard

I was still a little girl when I was told of how my grandpa was a strict man. He was a devoted man of God and I am glad he died in the service of God. He was a great reverend and one, who left a good legacy behind.

My elder sister had been with our grandparents since the day she stopped breastfeeding at the age of three years and listening to her memories with grandpa proved that he took care of her. Grandpa never allowed anyone to touch my sister and whenever he comes home with goodies, he would lock himself up with my sister and give her many of those goodies to eat in his presence so no one would collect from her. That was the kind of love he had for her.

Even while the love was a tight one, he still left room for chastisement. He would always chastise my sister but would embrace her with love. Isn't that how love and discipline ought to be?


My sister was very small and was in grade 4 then. She went to school as she has always been going by herself and would always return with her friend who lived near our hometown. Grandpa would be sitting outside with his wife waiting for their granddaughter to return from school and would have prepared lunch for her.

She talked about how they used to prepare toads as meat and how grandpa enjoyed eating them so much.

On this day, it rained and it was the time frogs and toads would come out of their abode and would be jumping everywhere.



When my sister sighted these little creatures, she unpacked all her books out of her school bag and kept them in her friend's bag. She began to pack frogs thinking it was toads as she was so excited that grandpa would be happy seeing her bring a lot of toads home to eat.

She packed so many in her bag and happily went home to meet her grandparents who were already waiting for her.



They had expected her to return at the usual time but they didn't see her. They became restless and troubled. Thank God there was nothing like kidnapping then but they still were troubled because she was a little girl. Besides, she passed through the forest to her school every day.


My sister was busy searching for more frogs instead of toads πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

She got home hours late than her usual time and by this time, Grandpa was sitting outside, shaking his legs and head. Perhaps thinking of what to do when she arrives.

They sighted her from the gate as she was so happy, jumping with her bag on her back.

β€œBaba, Mama ... I brought toads for you”. She screamed from the gate.

Grandpa wasn't smiling nor laughing but he asked with a fierce tone, β€œWhere are you coming from?” 😑

She brought her bag and released these little creatures. Grandma ran inside including Papa πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…



These frogs were jumping everywhere in the compound while some jumped inside the house.

Papa asked another question
β€œWhere are your books?”
She pointed at her friend's bag.

That day, she never knew grandpa could beat her so mercilessly because he had never beaten her before.

What pained him was the fact that my sister removed her books from her bag and packed frogs inside. Was the bag meant for frogs?

Ever since then, she never repeated such a thing. It dawned on her too that it was frogs she packed and not toads.

Till today, I still can't identify a frog from a toad too πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


I hope I gave some dose of laughter? Remember laughter is good medicine and I just cured you of a sickness called depression or sadness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I nominate @Olawalium to come to give us more of his palm wine experience. Also, would be inviting @khaleesii too.

This is my entry to the COMedy Rumble

Thanks for reading


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