Hey! should I mint this Piece Of Art as a highly must have NFT? ¿Would you buy it?

But first allow me to groom myself properly, comb my mane well and dress up in formal attire according to the occasion to announce with great fanfare what this highly coveted Piece Of Art is about. That once it be turned into a supremely valuable NFT in the hands of Christie's to put it up for auction, this one will leave Beeple's stuff swallowing dust behind mine in the annals of digital art history.

¡Your Host Artist!

Surely the fact of choosing a February fourteenth to mint into a NFT my matchless artwork in the world to be seen, appreciated, sought after and coveted by all affluent collectors of digital real state everywhere in the globe. Undoubtedly it will cause an immense chaos in the auction room. An unparalleled trepidation between buyers and collectors. A giant fight of Titans without limits during the auction. Etc, etc...!

¿But who cares? Perhaps I should rather insist that this divine and sublime Piece Of Art be auctioned only in Sotheby instead of Christie. So that all the audience present, but especially the winner of the auction, they all will be dumbfounded witnessing the immeasurable figure at which this artwork finally was sold.

But above all and even better. So that all the sumptuous buyers, insatiable collectors and die hard bidders present in the auction room. They all have the opportunity to witness the unexpected, culminating, imposing and sobering results product of their greed that will impulse them to congratulating them between themselves first, way before congratulate to the winner of the auction and now proud owner of such a coveted Piece Of Art turned into a majestic and priceless NFT asset.

Then, I ask you one more time!

Should I mint my insuperably astonishing Piece Of Art into a highly sought after NFT today? Just today, February 14th, simply because the special significance of the date would make that an ambitious project like this could potentially turn out to be a huge success? Ok, ok, ¡Wait! ...right away I will show you the artwork!

Sheesh! ...¡Wadda impatience!

Didn't you know that everything good and extraordinary always makes you waiting?

Hey! because first I would like to ask you some random questions to see if you can help me out to make this very complicated minting task a little easier. ¿Would you be willing to help me out? Because if you're not up for helping me. Then, I would have to ask @nonameslefttouse to throw me a hand with this. And surely neither he nor you will want that. Since as usual, he may be lost frozen in the woods right now. Or he may even have been eaten by a bear or something. ¿Who can really knows?

The point is that if you don't help me by answering these questions, then I'll have to wait for the aforementioned to clarify my doubts. And that can take too long to get the right answers. And thus, we will have missed the wonderful momentum of turning my awe-inspiring artwork into a highly coveted NFT precisely on a February 14th like today. Can you understand now my dilemma and indescribable tribulation?

You have to answer these questions now. ¡Without further delay!

  1. In which NFT marketplace should I mint my unique & grandiose Piece Of Art?

  2. Should I have to do it in OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare or Foundation?

  3. Or maybe rather in Nifty Gateway, Async Art, Mintable or Inoru?

  4. Perhaps better in BinanceNFT or Enjin or Proton Mint or even NFTShowroom?

NFT Showroom

Hey! hey, hey. Look that I heard that Ethereum average GAS price and fees are around $59.46 today. Down a bit from $68.85 yesterday. ¡Holy Cow! and who wants that? That would make my superlatively coveted Piece Of Art too expensive!

What I am going to do? ¿What I'm gonna do? Quick, quick @por500bolos. Think quickly about what you are gonna do. Because if your few readers take too long time to give you the right answer. You will have missed out on the opportunity to benefit the whole humanity and to one lucky potential buyer/collector to own your priceless work of art today. Oh! ¡What a conundrum! ¡What a dilemma!

Sheesh! how many Gigawei (gwei) I would need right now to make this dream a reality today rather than tomorrow? Because I'm afraid that for tomorrow it will be too late and it won't have the same almighty punch and fulminant impact as today. Nah! I'm not gonna wait until my few readers to answer me.

I have to act now! Right now. At this very moment. Instantly! I'm gonna try that NFT's marketplace through that DApp running on that other blockchain where you only will need barely a handful of its internal official tokens to "tokenize" my scandalously awesome artwork without paying a single penny in fees and executing the entire financial operation and grubby mission in just one single transaction fast and free of only three seconds. Ah! how about that? ¿eh? Yeah! in your face!

But holy shit, for God's sake @por500bolos! How much crap are you going to make us read before you show off your ridiculously valuable Piece Of Art so we know what the fuck you're talking about here today?

Calm down! Wait just a little and immediately I will tell you and I will show you the thang in all its splendor. Today is a special day, isn't it? A special day that is celebrated all over the world, isn't this correct? A special day in which love and friendship come to the fore once a year all over the world, right?

A special day in which you want to give to all your loved ones and perhaps to one in particular the best you have to give on a day as special as this. This special gift could be just something material. Like a spectacular NFT, a bag of cryptocurrency tokens or a couple of bitcoins and other rare digital assets. Or maybe just a big, warm and tender kiss and/or a strong and tight hug. Or perhaps just a big secret that contains a great truth.

¿A truth?

Yeah! ¡A Truth! ...an inexorable, insurmountable and forceful truth! Because the incomparable, exciting and provocative Piece Of Art that I am trying to turn today into the most unattainable and expensive NFT in contemporary history that has been known by any human so far. ¡Contains an immutable & unforgettable truth!

Oh! but I have to warn you. Maybe later you will have to consult with Google Translator and interrogate him to find out what this big truth hidden throughout the universe is all about. Because the message in it is written in a very strange language that you are probably not used to. Probably only the stunning graphics and the amazing design will help you a little to decipher it. But I really doubt it very much and I'm afraid you will have to translate it. ¡Without reluctance nor resistance!

So, here you go! My eager and impatient readers.

My potential "Non-Fungible Token"

¡Happy Valentine's Day!

  • And now just tell me it wasn't worth the wait to unravel this funny mystery.

  • That what is written in this fascinating "Piece Of Art" is not an absolute and immutable truth that few dare to confess publicly.

  • That this colorful Piece Of Art does not deserve to be turned into the most lusted and expensive NFT in history.

  • And last but not least. If you are too daring and brave. Just tell me you didn't find this post informative, educative, fun and entertaining enough. As to call to my mom right away and ask her to beat the crap out of you!

    Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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