Can we stop war and find a way to avoid a blood shed?

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Last night I was talking with an old friend of mine who knows me pretty well from long time ago. And he was asking me, if I knew of some way or procedure that the average citizens could use to persuade, dissuade and prevent that a few warmongering governments in the world, that they couldn't generate a world conflict that could lead us to a major war.

But above all. If with such a procedure, the average citizen could also avoid an unnecessary bloodbath that no one in their right mind would want. And if I, myself, would be willing to contribute with my knowledge to create such procedure and use it myself against those warmongering governments in the world.

And I've said:

Well yeah, there is indeed a way and procedure that we could use to achieve just that. Perhaps I could contribute by programming and creating a well made chunk of computer code. Or using one piece of computer code already created before by someone else. And with a few tweaks here, there and beyond there, having the chance of developing an extraordinarily tiny, stealthy, and deterrent self-intelligent command line of binary instructions in the best style of the OpenSource Stuxnet

Which we would then compile and package inside a beautiful MP3 song or a gorgeous voluptuous picture already minted as a valuable NFT. Which then we'd send it to all the average citizens of the world so that them in turn could send thousands of emails to these warmongering governments in the world with this file as an attachment. And then, hopefully, take over and control of their warmongering network of computers defeating any of their intention of causing a commotion worldwide out of sheer whims, economic greed or geopolitical ambitions.

Or maybe, also storing this tiny, stealthy, and deterrent self-intelligent piece of code promoter of peace within an enigmatic QRcode to all the military personal of these warmongering governments writing a very attractive email in which its highly persuasive content will pique their curiosity inviting and challenging them to give their opinion on this warmongering trend without resistance.

The basic idea is to get this extraordinary piece of code to spread like wildfire through all of their computerized war networks and take over all of the warmongering machinery and infrastructure that gives them such arrogance to terrorize and try to subjugate to their supposed adversaries each day subjecting them and also to the entire world to their loud harebrained barking and shitshow nonsense that we know very well that it would not favor anyone.

In the measure I was narrating and describing this idea to my old friend. I could see how an expression of suddenly enthusiasm and hope was drawing on his face. For what then I saw myself in the obligation to clarify to him that maybe this piece of code I was talking about, it could be too sophisticated for my current skills. Since it had been a long time since I had dedicated myself to programming in assembly language and therefore I could be too out of practice nowadays.

So, probably these days I would have to use HTML, PHP or even Python to just try to program a simple trojan horse with a mere ramson code payload to achieve the same dissuasive purpose and if anything, to also get some economic benefit from my work and the entire situation. And then I saw how he got even more excited

Therefore, I once again saw the need to clarify that in these new programming languages the resultant file that would be generated to be sent by email as an attachment by the average citizens of the world. It could be much more heavy and suspicious as to accomplish that our targets be willing to willy-nilly open it and click on it as to be able to infect their entire network of warmongering computers and thus avoid war and an unnecessary bloodbath. But even so, I asked him what he thought about this other feasible promising option?

And it was right after asking him that, when I suddenly woke up.

So, I suppose that now I will have no choice but to stay without knowing what was going to be the enthusiastic opinion with which my old friend was going to answer me about my brilliant idea of how to stop the war and avoid bloodbaths in this world. Hence, by now, my only hope of getting some feedback about my plan and strategy of spread peace in this world, it is gonna be from you my dear readers.

Do you think that my little dirty trick of benign cyberwarfare would have had any success?

Yeah, maybe it's better to just turn off the television and stay away from all sources of news whether it's from the internet, social networks, radio, print media or wherever they occur. At least for a good while! eh? };)

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