My Biggest Online Pet Peeve

My biggest online pet peeve has to do with internet forums and sites like Reddit. Sometimes when a person asks a question, everyone starts attacking them instead of trying to answer the question and be helpful.

Do you have a question about paying taxes on your crypto? Try posting the question in an online forum.

All too often you’ll get responses similar to the ones below. (I have written them in my own words based on past experience and tried to write them in an over the top fashion for entertainment purposes)

“What’s the point of crypto if you’re going to pay taxes on it. Might as well stick to traditional investments and the banking system”

The next response will be “It’s not illegal to not pay taxes”

After that someone will say “I would never go to the work of calculating and being responsible for how much I owe in taxes. I’ll just wait for the government to send me a statement of how much I owe them. Once I get the statement I will be more than willing to pay it”

Finally, someone will respond with “Don’t worry, you’ll never get caught. That’s the beauty of the blockchain”

Do people not realize that these answers are not helpful. If someone has decided that they want to pay their taxes, why not just try to help them. And if you do not know of a helpful answer you do not have to say anything at all. Sheeeeesh

Next example:

Don’t even think about going onto a bodybuilding forum and asking if anyone knows of any pre-workout drinks that do not contain artificial sweeteners.

The first answer will be, “Don’t worry artificial sweeteners aren’t going to be what kills you”

The next response to your question will be, “You’re a big fat pu$$y”

Finally, someone will try to outsmart you, “What has made you believe that artificial sweeteners are bad. I expect you to cite specific evidence and studies”

Can’t the people on these forums respect people’s choices without judging them.

Well I hope you found this little piece to be humorous or at least amusing.

All images from Pixabay

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