This funny situation happened to me this week on Friday, and I couldn't get it off my head because I keep laughing whenever I remember it.

On Friday morning, I woke up with so much energy, did my chores, took my breakfast, and went to school because I had an exam at 7:15 a.m. School was crowded as usual, and after some minutes, I sat for the exam, and it went perfectly fine because all the questions that came out in the exam were all what I read.

Hungry and tired, I trek home. I was supposed to take a commercial bike to my destination, but I couldn't because of the lack of cash. It's not that I don't have money in my bank account, but presently, it's hard to see money to withdraw. I couldn't even branch at the bank because it was crowded. I saw a lot of people outside the bank and some inside, all because they needed cash. Even the POS point didn't have cash either, and all they are saying is "no cash" anywhere I branch to withdraw money.


I have no choice but to trek home with my legs, and when I finally get to my destination, I move to my room door, look out for my keys in my bag, and I can't find them. Then I remembered I left it in my friend's bag, who lives closer to the school.

I have no choice but to trek back to her house, and what didn't come to mind at that moment is that I should have called her, but my phone was dead, so calling her didn't come to mind. I get to her house, and her neighbors tell me she has gone to my place to give me back my house key.

I couldn't even cry, and all I could do at that moment was laugh out loud. I can't even call her back to tell her I am at her place because her phone is not with her either. She went to charge it earlier at a charging center before we both went into the exam hall.

The fact that there was no power supply was the reason we passed through that very situation, and that's why mobile phones play an important role in people's lives as it allows us to communicate with one another no matter the distances between us.

I have to wait for her at home because I know she will come back if she doesn't see me there. Eventually she did, and when she got to see I was at her place, she laughed out loud, and I joined her in doing that.

It was a stressful day for both of us, but it was funny too. Since that Friday, I have narrated the event to a lot of people, and they can't help but laugh at us. There was even one person I told the story to who said the situation would make a good movie😂😂.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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