Comedy Open Mic Round 5: #valentinescomedy


Can you believe they let me date? Not that it happened on a February 14, but perhaps my oddest dating mishap is worth sharing for #valentinescomedy - find the original prompt post here.

As a young man, around the age of 22, I went to the grocery store – and, having purchased something, possibly chicken, from the deli, I had a bit of a chat with the middle aged worker behind the counter who I knew socially. Long story short, I did not notice the other girl behind the deli meat counter, but it turns out she noticed me.

We ended up on a date not long after; it was going to be fairly low key – how about at movie at my place? Earlier that day, I had been up early – doing a six hour round trip to visit the national library, needing to access some records for my thesis project. I was exhausted on my return trip, but you know the saying, the show must go on.

Now, I don’t remember the details that led me to the couch, but as the movie started to play, I am pretty sure I fell straight to sleep. I woke up as the credits to the film were playing, and I think I said something along the lines of, ‘That was a good movie’.

The reply came, ‘You were asleep’

‘No I wasn’t’, I protested. I’ll admit, it was probably an awkward utterance.

‘You were snoring all the way through it’. (And this is how I learned I snore).

I remember laughing about this with my friends later that week, and ever date that followed, I’d get the sage advice, ‘Don’t fall asleep on her’. Every time I did something with my friends, ‘Don’t fall asleep on us’.

Years later, this story was well buried in my memory, @comedyopenmic for pulling it out. But now, it really is my bedtime, it's nearly 9pm here in Australia!

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