Put your hand, it doesn't shock

Good day People!

Let me not beat around the bush and take us straight to my experience.

Last year when I was working in an eatery, I was kinda second in command because I was the only guy in the midst of ladies...some of them were older though. So anytime an issue pops up, they'll direct it to me to chest because guys chest problems😏.

There was a particular period that our Plant(electricity plant) had issue, so we improvised by tapping current from our alternative Plant which was installed in our main office.

As the devil will have it, that same period that the main Plant had fault, the alternative Plant developed fault too but it was manageable, all it needs is just a touch of an "anointed person" so as trigger the battery to pickup while starting.

So this fateful day in the morning, I went to the main office to put on the Plant with the help of the Manager and some male staffs there.
As usual, it started behaving like a witch that needs deliverance, the manager called me over to his side where the battery was located, he pointed at the two outflow sources of the current (the positive & negative spots), he pointed also at the two wires from the plant that are to be connected.

Look at what happened;
Image source
This is exactly how the battery looks like, the two wires are from the plant which takes current from the battery to the plant to enable starting.

He said I should pick up the wires from the plant, fix them on the two outflow sources (positive & negative), not just to fix and leave but to fix and use my hand to compress them on the naked iron, so hard so that there'll be no space while he starts the plant at the same time.

"Wait, I don't get you, you mean I should compress these two naked spots with my naked hands while you start it?" I asked with surprise written all over my face.

"Ehen na, you're scared it'll shock you, right? Guy, compress it, it doesn't shock" He replied me with 100% of seriousness.

"Are you trying to prank me? Do you know that this thing sparks and brings out fire in the processes of kick starting? You want me to put my hand there?" I asked with fear and all he did was to burst into laughter because he saw that I was really scared.

I was just looking at him, he left me to call one of his staffs to help him perform the magic while I watch.

They came back and the guy he called boldly fixed his two hands at the current source while the manager starts the engine.
Omo! The fearlessness of the guy that placed his two hands on the battery was second to none. It was so unbelievable to me.

The plant started to work but we turned it off because we had to turn diesel, so after that filling the thank, they shifted the ball to my court again😢.

"oya Kingsley, it's your time to man up, come and compress it this time"

Even though I witnessed the other guy, I was still scared, I didn't really believed him, maybe he had jaazzz(voodoo) on him that made the shock & spark to get repelled on his body.

Well, I made up my mind to man up, it was that moment I remembered the usefulness of rubber slippers, so I begged the guy to exchange footwears with me and he did.
I tremblingly placed my hands there while he starts the engine and guess what?

And yeeeeeee! I did it! It didn't shocked me🙈.

That was the day I found out that it doesn't shock.

Please don't go and practicalize it, no be me send you🤭, maybe I used juju too

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