Dream and fantasy : why it is bad to have Sex in a dream

Hello friends, my name is @jesus-son and I make this post in response to the aprilinleo prompt. This is day 15 but I would love to talk about this topic of yesterday day 14 which I missed but which I wish to seriously talk about. Meanwhile, if you have not joined in this initiative, I invite you to do so and you will be glad you did.

Dreams and fantasms are existenial psychological themes and I remember those days when we did psychology in my philosophical days in school that sleep was a topic of discussion and in which the concept of dream was analysed.

What is dream? Simply put, it is a series of images, ideas, fantasy, etc, that play in our minds involuntarily during sleep. How often do we dream? According to research, we dream four to six times every night when we sleep.

If we dream four to six times every night, then how come that it appears as if we do not dream at times? It is the enemy from your village that does not want you to get the message from God that blocked your memory, hahahahaaaa, this is what we often hear from the pastors and the brethren from the church when we say we cannot remember our dreams. My dear, it is not the case, it is just natural. Well you may have your opinion and perhaps with proofs but this is just it.


We experience several kinds of dreams when we sleep. Sometimes it is that you see yourself in a very beautiful mansion and being served by servants and riding the best of cars and the moment you were to ride on your private jet, you were woken up by your mother, hehe. Here pastor will tell you to pray very hard because the enemy wants to cut short the blessing of God that is about to come. Well, if its me I will just enjoy the memory of that dream and go about my day very peacefully, hehe.

At other times the dream may not be palatable as we dream of where we are being chased by some bad guys or by a masquerade and the moment that they were about to kill us, we woke up. Here pastor will say that they are looking for you to kill you but if you sow a seed with a cash offering, it will be taken care of. My dear, use your money and eat food and treat your malaria ooo, hehe.

Now do you know that to dream of having SEX in a dream is very bad for you as a child of God? hehe, let me sound like your pastor a bit, hehe. So here I will tell you why it is not good to have sex in a dream and its bad effect on you.

First of all, let me state that in the past, having heard that dreaming of having sex in the dream is bad, any time I did, I woke up felling very bad and the whole of the day will be bad. Well, listen to this story which I will use as an example to tell you the bad effect of such kind of dream.

Story story... stoooory, once upon in time... time time. Ahan, so it happened that one day Cyril popularly known as CY and Johnson popularly called Jonny met together after a long while. Both guys are friends but because of work, they live in different places and only see each other once in a blue moon.

They met together for a friends wedding and they were happy being that they had missed each other. They hugged themselves and shook hands like guys do and called themselves, baaaad guy!!! Well, I don't know why guys always do that. Even when a person does something good, he will be called a bad guy, hehe. Well we understand and so it's never a problem.

So how has work been? asked CY to Jonny and they exchanged a brief description of the fatigue of work over the time. Well that's life, we keep pushing till the permanent site said Jonny to CY. Immediately the guys went into the proper discussion when guys are together.

Guy how far that babe naaa? this question by Jonny began the almighty topic which lasted for the remaining moment of time they spent together. They talked of how many body counts for the period of time they have not seen each other. They discussed of the babes that have been difficult to get and which they are bent on getting them at any cost.

Infact, the night was never supposed to be a boring night as they had decided to go out and get some ladies to be with for the night. But before that, they took to drinking. There were much to drink and eat and they drank to their own amusement, hehe.


About going out to get babes to be with, it never again happened as the two guys slept off right on the table of drinking, hehe. It was a night of romance indeed for them. Each dreamt of having up to like five ladies at their service on the bed. Jonny was about to go low and do some mopping when he was woken up to go and prepare for the church service.

Oh no no no, why naaa Jimmy? Jonny said to James the groom who came to wake him up. He was furious but didn't relate why to them, but we know, hehe. Well, the service went well and the whole wedding ceremony went well and the everyone returned to their places.

So on arriving at work on Monday morning at his office, Jonny was greeted by a beautiful young lady Clara who had just been employed to the company as the new account officer the position which Jonny has occupied in the company for the past eight years.

Jonny was shocked and immediately ran to the office of the MD and asked what was happening and he was given a letter. The content of the letter read that..... hm! It's a pity, what do you think?

Well, Jonny was appreciated for having served diligently in the company and was promoted to a higher position in the company. Hahahah, what did you expect to read here, hehe. Sorry for disappointing you. Nothing happened to any of them. That was just a dream my dear.

Maybe you have to go and ask your pastor again what it means, but I tell, you most of the things we dream about are as a result of the thoughts we had during the day. Have a good time friend. Thanks for reading through.

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