Valentine's Day

Anna Tarazevich

Guess what I'm doing right now????

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that a day called valentine didn't even occur to me, it just came and went, I seriously wasn't in the right state of mind to think about anything especially love.

Things are different this year though, I am in the right state of mind to wish everyone a happy valentine's day. I would also like to state that we all shouldn't misunderstand the concept of valentine's day. Valentine's Day isn't meant to be celebrated by people in a relationship alone, it's a celebration of love for all.

The world has changed, I noticed that. While I was still in high school, we never for once went on break or had a party in school on Valentine's day. The proprietor of my school would ask us what we want to celebrate, which goes down to what I initially said about the main concept of valentine's day not being misunderstood.

There is a primary school close to my house, good thing they students and pupils are in school but the music I've been hearing tells me that they all went to a party today, no learning and they are all dressed in multi.

Well, I don't have any issues with the fact that they decided to have a Valentine party today, I'm only having issues with the music there being played. This music has lots of bad words in it which normally children should be warned against listening to such talk more of singing.

Well, that's that for that.

I'm currently in the house, and I'm hoping that hubby comes home with a Valentine surprising package. He hasn't missed surprising me apart from last year when we reached a roadblock, thank God we are out of it.

Valentine and dates

I've never had a bad date on Valentine's day before. My hubby is the only man I've had a date with on Valentine's day.

What I don't like about a day like this is the fact that a lot of people misunderstand it and do what they are not supposed to do. Someone mentioned earlier that real love isn't found on February 14, rather it can be found in the scriptures John 3:16, I'm sure we are familiar with that verse in the Bible.

The management of my son's school sent a message earlier last week informing parents that they should get a gift which isn't edible for their wards and their dress code should be a touch of red and white, I guess that's their way of celebrating the specific day, that way children get to understand what Valentine means modestly.

Still, in the spirit of Valentine, I came across a man who was asked if he was single, he said NO

He was asked again if he is dating, he said NO. I got confused then.

Are you in a relationship? He was asked again, he replied and said NO! as if he was being disturbed.

Again, he was asked, are you married?

He replied with another NO!!

Frustratingly, the person asking the question said, then what are you??

The man replied this time saying "ehehem, I - I..... I am -am.. am not buying valentine's gift for anybody.

Then he left.

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