Call the number.

Before I begin this post, I would like to write this first. You know, in every family, each child is known for one thing which everyone recognizes him as. In my family, I'm the one who is known to always have airtime to call anyone at any point in time and for as long as the call is needed to be on, all thanks to my network service provider, whenever I make a recharge, I'm always given bonus airtime to call all network. One reason why I have to recharge almost all the time is because of the need to subscribe to data. For some reason, these days, my data barely last. However, I am grateful that I am sorted when the need comes.

Tholaal Mohamed

At the rising of the sun, I had woken up, the first thing I did was to say a prayer, most importantly because of the bad dream I had. After praying, I took my phone to check if there were new notifications, hubby had woken up earlier and was already getting prepared to leave for work.

I remembered that I needed to go to a POS agent close to our house so I could deposit some money into my account to enable settle some bills. So I decided to walk with hubby.

On our way, I received a missed call. Hubby asked,*" who was that"?* *That was my sister, I should call her* back, I replied.

I called her back and we exchanged greetings. She went ahead to tell me that she received a call from our dad the previous night and he was trying to say something which she didn't understand and now she wants to call him back. I replied and said okay.

The next thing she said was, *"pLease call daddy's number"*

I replied again and said okay, I think the number is 0-9-0-3--3-2-2-1-1-0-0

After calling the number out, I couldn't hear anything from her end, I had to ask to know if she could hear me.

She replied and said yes.

I said "okay", then I called the number again, hoping she would hear me this time. 0-9-0-3--3-2-2-....

As I was about to complete the number, I heard her complete it, saying 1-1-0-0.

When she said that, I felt that she probably had been able to correctly jot the number down on a notebook or anything she must have been using.

So I just replied and said "yes, that is the number".

She replied too with yes.

Then I said to her, you can daily the number, I've called it out.

She replied again and said, "no! I meant that you should daily daddy's number for me and make it a conference call, not calling out the number".

I laughed out loud before I could find words to put together.

Okay! I never knew that you were trying to tell me to daily daddy's number, you just said *"call daddy's number"* and I assumed that you meant *"call out his number*?"*.

We laughed together then I went ahead to make the conference call which lasted for about hours. Before then, hubby and I had already parted ways, I had gotten to the place I needed to make the deposit and he had already got on the bike and had left for work.

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