The girls have stopped doing makeup🤣😂

I hope you are all well and if it doesn't happen then it doesn't matter to me🤣
I was looking for her but I couldn't find her. At first I wondered where she was
I was thinking a lot
What i was thinking
She must have gone to a cobbler's shop to sew her shoes
Or she may have gone to a beauty parlor to have her face rubbed
And what would a beauty parlor look like to become a witch?
The make-up layer will be on your face
He must have made his eyes look like a bat
And your eyelids will be decorated like foxes
And he must have tried to whiten his black hands by rubbing them
His feet are like those of a peacock
And she shows herself as if no one is more beautiful and leaner than her
The payment is for the Hour, but for the elderly
When she walks, the hundred-year-olds follow her, dragging her legs and walking with great difficulty.
Seeing his payments, even those in old age stand up
What is this intention? Her killer has applied so much cream. When will the beauty parlor dry up and when will she die?
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She was decorating her eyes as if there was magic in her eyes
Like an airplane flying with balloons behind it
Or put it on a swing and speed up the swing
Then sit down with love and listen to his screams
There are people who watch such scenes
Then when the swing is stopped, its seats have to be cleaned
Because there will be a stench
What kind of girls are there who pretend to be the Queen of Britain and kill someone with their eyeballs?
By shooting an arrow or putting it under you
Or they fall on it and kill it😂
He doesn't even ask for water
But it is the fault of the eyes that see him go crazy and then he dies his own death
When the make-up on his face actually comes off, he just dies
They don't even laugh. These payments are eye payments to hurt people



Lean girls often boast of being thin
Then, when a strong wind blows, they pull themselves out of pride
Because they have a good chance of flying in strong winds
When the wind and the winds are strong, tell them to go out, but they will not come out.
These are the skinny girls who stick to the tree when the time comes and no one knows
And they hide in their clothes
They also have the ability to hide in washroom drains
And can also go into electrical pipes
These are skinny girls who can go anywhere

I don't care if the skinny girl is a rational girl but the girl is the one who cleans the washroom
Wash the dishes in the house and wash all the clothes on Sunday
Because most girls are proud to wash clothes and clean dishes at home

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