Mischief of children and mothers of children

What a time it was when there were children in the house who blew smoke out of their ears
In this way, when they ate spicy food, the smoke would come out automatically
There were some children who see with their eyes and hear with their ears and there are some children who see with their ears and hear with their eyes and some children have a sharp nose they participate with the tip of their nose haha ​​and Some children listen to your cues
And there is a child who listens and does not speak because he is drinking milk from the feeder. Children are worlds apart. And they do moves in the park with their legs up and it's fun when someone is sitting in the park talking sweetly and a kid comes and scares them dressed as a ghost.

A mother who tells her daughter and the daughter doesn't listen further then the mother gets angry and she picks up the stick and the stick falls on her feet hahaha.
And the girl sticks out her tongue and laughs so much that she can't stop. A mother angrily grabbed her daughter by the hair and her hair fell into her hands because she had tanned and put on an artificial hair cap. She was wearing it and sometimes she would look at the people and sometimes she would look at the toad. Sighs like a bread maker puts the black queen on the back seat of your car with your hands on your mother's face without letting her know what happens. Everyone laughs but doesn't know when It turns out that she catches a cold and the children run away from home

It is often fun to watch a fight when two women are fighting for the sake of the children. The child is dirty and the other says your child is bad. During the fight, the children stand next to each other and are talking. When both mothers see the children, they forget their fight and try to catch the children again She tries and says, I started fighting for your sake, you are playing together again, I was lucky, so I gave birth.
I wish you were born in a beggar's house
You should have been born in my house
She used to say such things to the children and lighten the burden of her heart. These are the battles of women for the sake of their children

And the life of black and white children is strange. White children are given necklaces and kissed, and black children are not approached. This is the difference of our society.
They grab every shiny thing but their hands get burnt from the front. Most people start kissing white children.
Some children hit the face with their fingernails from the front and injure the swinger
Took the chance to kiss the white child
And the black child does not say anything, kiss or lick him, he is innocent, but he does not know
It is right to stay away from children and mothers of children because if you want to live for four days, stay away from them, otherwise you will get cuts on your hands and you can also get hurt in the fight of women. Sometimes his eyes go out and sometimes his feet are injured
Because their fights are funny enough and charming too and everyone who watches laughs

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