Humorous fights between wife and husband不

Some wives fight with their husbands and husbands make fun of their wives.
The husband politely said to his wife: "You are a fly-killing spray to me. Your hands are a fly-killing broom." The mouths of the aged women keep sniffing as if the mouth of the cooking pot is still open and if the mouth of the husband is opened then it seems as if a cannon ball is coming out of the mouth and such stench is coming out of the mouth of the husband and wife. Let it go into each other's mouth but the wife's mouth does not close. Put an ice ball in her mouth. They start sucking.
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When there is a fight between husband and wife, you are in a very bad situation. When the wife takes the broom behind the husband, it seems as if the house is not being cleaned, the husband is being cleaned.
When wife asks husband to make tea for me, husband says I will go to lawyer right now and divorce you
When the husband arrives at the lawyer's house, the lawyer is washing the dishes from the front不
The husband comes quietly and makes tea for his wife and she asks him to press his feet
Husband's heart is pounding
Some wives are so fat that the husband looks like a small bottle and a big bottle
The face of some wives is such that when they get angry, the husband falls unconscious.
A few days ago a boy and a girl were getting married. People were eating. There was a lot of excitement. A woman came and started hitting the bride with her shoes. When all the people asked, she said,
She had also brought the child with her. The fight that had erupted in her mind was over. The two wives started beating together.
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Some wives call their husbands with such love that if he is the moon then you can meet him
The husband further answers, "Don't leave me on the moon."
The wife says to the husband, "Do something like this, I will break a sweat."
The husband turned off the fan
The educated couple were traveling in a public transport bus, illiterate and illiterate.
Going home, the illiterate couple also started talking to each other about the same thing
The husband said to his wife, "Know what is in my eyes."
The wife replied further
Then the fighting started
The wife's tongue moves as if it were being pulled and the husband's hand moves as if it were moving


Fights keep happening. Eat ice cream. In the dark, wife and husband started eating this cream.
She had taken on the form of a clown. It was as if she were going to the circus.

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