Think before you speak, otherwise comedy can happen with you also

Life is unpredictable and nobody knows what will happen next moment. Various kinds of coincidence and comedy can happen with anyone and today I am going to share one of my life comedies that happened recently.

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I was returning from my University and I have said it several times that students of my university use the University train to come and go to University. In the time of returning from University the first two trains become the most crowded place because most of the students return in those trains. In both trains, there exist so many students that finding a place to stand is very difficult, especially before departure time. If anyone wants a seat for sitting, s/he needs to come to the station within 10-15 minutes of the train's arrival. After the time finding a place to sit is possible if someone is lucky.

On that day, we 3 friends were on the way to the station. I was not expecting to get a seat on the train for sitting because we were late for it. Sumaiya ( my friend ) said, "Walk fast, I want to get a sit-in train". We were laughing to hear that because expecting a seat at that time is nothing more than a joke otherwise she was extremely lucky. I replied to her " Nothing to worry, You are a female and beautiful and there must be a male who will leave his seat for you". She also understood I was teasing her and I said " I have one idea and by applying it you will get a seat for must".

She looked at me with curiosity and said "What's the idea"? So shared my idea and the idea was " After standing on the train you need to act like you are feeling dizzy and you will get a seat". I didn't know how seriously she took my idea but I said it for fun purpose. So reaching the station we rode on the train and no seats were available as expected. The three of us stood in a place and kept talking about other things.

All of a sudden I started to feel dizzy for real and it's a problem I faced many times and I understand the symptoms. I started to see everything blurry and it was increasing in each second. So I asked for water and my friend arranged a water bottle for me. I drank a little and some students told me to wash my face with water. They gave me a window seat where I could get some fresh air also. To be honest I felt bad for the first 8-10 minutes if I am not wrong. After that time I was feeling well and I think the airflow through the window was very helpful.

The train stopped at a station and it was the destination for many students. So those students who sat beside me and in front of me left their seats as they reached their station and my two friends sat there. Manum ( my friend was in the front seat and Sumaiya sat beside me. Manun asked me if I was feeling better or not and in reply I told him I was now ok. Then Sumaiya whispered in my ear " Your acting was pretty good and for a little time I also thought you were feeling unwell. You should go for the acting profession". Hearing this I was thinking what to reply. I was thinking should I cry or laugh hearing this from her?

I could understand why she said that. It's because I told her to do the acting of feeling dizzy to get a seat and unfortunately or coincidentally, the same thing happened to me. I informed her whatever happened was not acting, it was real. After that time when she saw me, she never forgot to pinch me reminding me about the incident and I don't know how many days she will continue pinching me. But in the current time, she never leaves a chance to tease me.
Hehe, What can I do? Something happens in life which does remain within our control. Hehe. So think before you speak.

If you think that I violated any rules of this platform or my word hurting you or I made any mistakes here , let me inform about it through comments or my other social network . I will try to correct it if I made any mistakes.

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