When Mosquito Feels Like A Family Member

Ever since I returned back home I've been tormented by mosquitoes. At school, I hardly had saw mosquitoes but at my place you can see them all around you and you might even be thinking they are now part of the family or something. I can remember days when we had no mosquito net at home, so we made use of insecticides which was not that helpful but it was quite manageable. But we spent too much money to get them and they also finish on time, it was then we remembered we had mosquito net at home.


When we started using the mosquito net, it was as if the mosquitoes knew that they would be starving for blood to suck so they also changed their strategy, like what the heck! So now what they do is, during the day they still hang around to discuss with us as family members that they think they are. The only time we are totally free from mosquito bites is at noon but once it's evening they resume because they know we would soon run into our net.

The mosquito at my house are no longer scared of what we can do to them because they know they've gat themselves. Now when you try to kill a mosquito you might end up hurting yourself because of how hard you try to hit them to your body or the wall. I know how many times I've hurt myself because I wanted to get rid of a single mosquito and I end up being in pain while the mosquito will be watching me from behind giggling, how sad.

Sometimes I feel these tiny little creatures especially the ones at my house are very good at planning. They are so determined to get what they want. There was one night when I already made the net for us to sleep and just before I was about entering my Dad called me to do something for him. At that point it was as if I could hear those tiny things laughing at the top of their voices if they have one. My dad wanted me to write something for him so I had to sit down and immediately I sat down, I began feeling uncomfortable because mosquitoes were already pestering me.


That day it was as if the mosquitoes were paying me back for all the other mosquitoes I've killed in time past. When I finally entered my net, I kept feeling uncomfortable till I finally fell asleep. Those mosquitoes literally gave me trauma! But surprisingly, my brother doesn't make use of net but then he hardly complains of mosquito bites it was then I knew that mosquitoes are partial. My brother that agreed to give himself as a living sacrifice to them to bite, they refuse to bite him but me that I'm running from them they refuse to let me be, what a life?

I think it's because of my brother that's why they are already feeling like they are part of the family. No matter where you go to in my house, they will follow you around like a child running after his or her mother. I'm really pained because I don't know how to tell these tiny creatures that they are not part of my family neither did they rent an apartment in our house. Please if you have any way I can relate my message to these guys please let me know at the comment section because this is really becoming something else.

I remember one day when my sister told me she had to walk around the house to make a post because once she sits down, those mosquitoes will come for her. While we were talking about our unwanted visitor yesterday, my brother said something that was really hilarious. He said that one of the mosquitoes life was in danger because it failed to pass it's parasite to a human and now it has malaria. I wanted to laugh at what he said but just then I received a mosquito bite, again! And I was scared because what if that mosquito finally passed it's parasite to me? My laugh immediately seized and it's in coma as we speak, please someone should share with me how to communicate with these imposters in my house.

Until next time, stay AWESOME and JIGGY!!!

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