This is a true life story which turned out to be a really awkward experience for me and my sister.

The Awkward experience

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It all started on a Saturday morning when we had to attend a church program. We woke up early and did all that we needed to do and we went to church. On our way, I felt like there was something in my body itching me but I tried to just scratch a little 😜 but it was not working. I quickly told my sister and she suggested we stop at one corner to check what was wrong with my body. But the corner was still opened and since we were not far from the house, I decided to just go back.


When I got home, I realized that there was something on my bra that was itching me 🙈 so I removed it and I quickly went back to meet my sister who was waiting for me outside. I felt so relieved and more comfortable. I was just scratching my body and people were just staring at me like I'm a mad person, ah, I felt so ashamed though.

Since we went early, we decided to walk a little but the sun was getting hot and our legs were feeling tired so we boarded a vehicle and when we got to the church environment, we went inside and we looked for somewhere comfortable to sit. I know by now you will be like, what's funny here, she's just trying to waste my time... I get it but here comes the funny part, are you ready? I'm sure you've always been, hehe.



The previous day which was Friday, our generator got spoilt but we weren't able to take it for repair since my dad didn't say anything about it. At this point, all our power banks and phones were almost dead and that was one of the reasons we went to church, don't look at us like that oo, we also went there to serve God and also for the extra benefit like charging our phones 😉.

So like I was saying, we arrived at the entrance to the church, so we quickly paid the driver and walked inside. On our way inside the church hall, we saw a very big and clearly written words on the wall which reads "NO PHONE CHARGING" what? I felt so heart BROKEN 😔💔. What are we going to do now? After all the happiness that was in us when we saw that the generator was on 😂.

Seems Like The Patient Dog Is Dead 😂😂


Okay, we still didn't give up on the plan of charging our phones, hehe. We sat down and joined those who have also arrived early and were singing, to sing. After some time, I quickly remembered that the minister lives in the church apartment so I decided to take our phones there to charge. When we got there, we tried knocking but no one was answering and while we were about to walk away, someone came to open the gate for us.

We were so happy that we will now get to charge our phones. But, something strange happened, when we went in, we realized that there was no power in the house, ah!!! What a bad luck. We are already inside the house so we decided to just wait for the minister's daughter who a man that was working in the house said she was taking her bath. We waited for her hoping that when she comes out, she will be able to help us charge our phones.

We waited for more than 20 minutes but she was still not coming out. But something in us kept telling us to be patient, as you know there is a saying, the patient dog eat the fattest bone. I wish I didn't know that saying, lol. We decided to wait extra 10 minutes because that was when the service was starting. After that 10 minutes, she was still not coming out, ah!!! At this point, the man working in the apartment was just looking at us like people that don't know what they are doing (like mumu😂).

After extra two minutes, we decided to pick up the remaining piece of pride we have left in us and made sure to also take our shame with us.


Wasted Effort And Time

And reader, that was how we ended up not charging our phones 😂🤭. You need to see how we were looking for different places to charge our phones but we still couldn't find anywhere to charge our phones until the next day which was Sunday, we changed our location at once, haha, fast fast oo and that was how we were able to charge our phones.

This is my first entry to the #comedy rumble and I'll want to invite @chincoculbert and @nancy to join in the contest.

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