Mr. Green and David

(This is my first article at this community)
There was a party going on for regular drinkers. Most of the drinkers were intoxicated.
Many of the topics of the talk were going on.

Some were crying, some were angry, some were laughing.

David was also a daily member of this wine party.
A new peg was made. A drunk person among this group said, "Please pay attention to me, friends.

" Everyone was attracted to him and started listening to him.

He started with friends: "Look, there are four colors in the eyes of women." Brown, Blue, Black, and Green.

Brown-eyed women are a bit lazy and love their men very little. They pay more attention to themselves than the man but they are reliable.

Women with blue eyes are well-educated and devoted to men. They have a habit of keeping everything neatly arranged. The husbands of those women with blue eyes are very lucky.

Women with black eyes are a little ordinary. They are religious, they have suspicious moods, but they take full care of their husbands.
These women always help in the work of their husbands. They also earn money for themselves. their husbands are also very happy people.

In the end, let me tell you that the women with green eyes in all these are very colorful, sensual, sexy, and sharp women. These women betray their husbands. They have fun with their friends behind their husbands' backs. They are the most dangerous women.


Hearing all this, David threw his peg on the table and started getting up from the party. He usually drank at least 5-6 pegs daily. Friends stopped him a lot, but he did not stop. Recalling green eyes, green eyes reached his home fast.

He rang the bell for a long time, got no response,
His heart shook deeply inside. He was thinking, What was the matter?

Why was the wife not opening the door? When the door did not open for a long time, he opened the door with the duplicate key he kept with him, went inside the house, and reached the bedroom.

When he went inside, he saw his wife was sleeping comfortably. David woke up his wife by shaking her and saying, "Show your eyes."

His wife said what happened suddenly today? How did you come early?

You should have been at the party now. Why do you want to see my eyes?

David said, to his wife don't tell anything, first show your eyes.
" The wife opened her eyes and showed it to David. Devid screamed as soon as he saw the green eyes.

He shouted Oh my God, Green.

Suddenly, a man came out from under his bed and said, "Sir, how did you know my name?
I am Tomas Green."

(Note: This comic is a composition written for humor. The women's eyes color has nothing to do with their character.)

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