The Birth Experience

The Birth Experience

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Early that morning, I heard a Usual scream, It was as if I was dreaming but then it happened again and this time around, it sounded scarier than than the former one. I opened my eyes and rushed out of the room and there she was, lying on the floor helpless, with no strength left in her.

I moved closer to her with compassion, grabbed her, and took her into the room. Being overtaken by fear, I didn't know what to do but I managed to reach out to my neighbors to get a few hands. When they arrived, they said, "It's a minor case please get her some food". Just let her rest.

They asked me if she had eaten any that morning and I said no, Don't you know she is with a child? Do you want to starve her to death or something? That was the last question they asked me. Please get her some food and water. With this, I didn't hesitate, I rushed and got something for her to eat, and she managed to take a few bites after which she regained her strength.

I overheard my neighbor who seemed to be an expert saying, that the pregnancy was due for delivery and that the baby could come any moment. Gosh! This is my first time experiencing something like this. My mind was shrouded with thoughts, Will she make it? How is she even feeling on the inside? I tried to calm myself down but I lost control.

I told my neighbors I was going to take her to the hospital but they said" No! Her case is easy, it can be done the traditional way, I should just take it easy it and give her some time." Each time our eyes came in contact, I felt pity for her. Minutes turned hours and the baby wasn't forthcoming. Hmm! Men are really trying, "Sirs, please let me take her to the hospital, I can't risk her life, she is the only one I have left, please. I don't even know why you guys are comfortable with this sight". But no one paid attention to me.

"Calm down man"! My neighbor's wife said after some minutes, "You are being too anxious, try and overcome it, the baby will come." She didn't even finish that statement when I heard a strange cry, the voice was soft and lovely. "You see, I told you" Congratulations man! Everyone cheered me up.

Please let's help her, I moved closer to her, rubbed the hair on her skin, and said I am proud of you, you made a male. While I was still celebrating her, she started screaming again," What's wrong?" I asked," I just hope it's not what I am thinking?" My eyes went teary seeing her push again, this time around with greater energy than she did the first time.

Boom! Another baby came out, it's a female gosh! I am so happy, I didn't expect it. While I was still celebrating, the third one came too and it was female. You need to see how cute they are. I didn't mind the clothes I was wearing I took them like that." I am so proud of you" I said to her again. My neighbors and everyone were very happy for me. I was just receiving congratulations from everyone and my head was just swelling up. It was not an easy task. Well, That was how our Goat gave birth last week, three at a time, The process was long but it was a success at the end. It was such a great experience.


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